Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
S Guns FH 41y 24d Belgium v Portugal Brussels 20 May 2017 Details
KM Wirachowski (P) 40y 243d Canada v NZ Maori Toronto 2 Aug 2003 Details
E Hughes P 40y 123d New Zealand v South Africa Auckland 27 Aug 1921 Details
D Ormaechea N8 40y 26d Uruguay v South Africa Glasgow 15 Oct 1999 Details
S Sergeev L 39y 352d Russia v Portugal Lisbon 28 Oct 2006 Details
L Duley P 39y 61d Hong Kong v Japan Singapore 31 Oct 1998 Details
L Duley P 39y 61d Hong Kong v Japan Singapore 31 Oct 1998 Details
H Porta FH 39y 60d Argentina v Scotland Murrayfield 10 Nov 1990 Details
FG Gilbert FB 39y 42d England v Ireland Leicester 10 Feb 1923 Details
D Lewis H 38y 331d Hong Kong v Japan Singapore 31 Oct 1998 Details
D Lewis H 38y 331d Hong Kong v Japan Singapore 31 Oct 1998 Details
RE Hindson L 38y 311d Canada v Argentina Burnaby Lake 30 Mar 1990 Details
DD Reis L 38y 310d Portugal v Zimbabwe Hong Kong 21 Nov 2015 Details
G Labadze F 38y 276d Georgia v Canada Vancouver 23 Jun 2012 Details
AM Aguilar W 38y 190d Portugal v Spain Lisbon 15 Mar 2014 Details
HJ Grobler P 38y 187d Namibia v Zimbabwe Windhoek 16 May 1992 Details
S Lanfranchi P 38y 184d Italy v France Parma 29 Mar 1964 Details
V Matfield L 38y 172d South Africa v Argentina London 30 Oct 2015 Details
ME Cardinal H 38y 162d Canada v Namibia Toulouse 14 Oct 1999 Details
V Grachev F 38y 162d Russia v Australia Nelson 1 Oct 2011 Details
TH Vile SH 38y 152d Wales v Scotland Swansea 5 Feb 1921 Details
ME Ledesma Arocena H 38y 145d Argentina v New Zealand Auckland 9 Oct 2011 Details
I Bobo W 38y 144d Fiji v Samoa Suva 21 Jun 2014 Details
AR Miller P 38y 112d Australia v New Zealand Wellington 19 Aug 1967 Details
MA Williams FH 38y 98d USA v Ireland Lansdowne Road 2 Oct 1999 Details
JN Cudmore L 38y 80d Canada v Samoa Grenoble 25 Nov 2016 Details
NU Calderon Hernandez (F) 38y 77d Chile v USA Santiago 25 Feb 2017 Details
H Ono L 38y 50d Japan v Scotland Tokyo 25 Jun 2016 Details
BH Heatlie N8 38y 48d Argentina v Britain XV Flores 12 Jun 1910 Details
SD Shaw (L) 38y 37d England v France Auckland 8 Oct 2011 Details
S Novoselov P 38y 4d Russia v Georgia Tbilisi 14 Mar 2015 Details
ER Edwards P 38y ?d England v New Zealand Twickenham 3 Jan 1925 Details
AG Faulkner P 37y 355d Wales v France Parc des Princes 17 Feb 1979 Details
A Roques P 37y 329d France v Scotland Colombes 12 Jan 1963 Details
JW Holdsworth (L) 37y 322d Australia v NZ XV Sydney 29 Jul 1922 Details
V Marchenko (H) 37y 311d Russia v Germany Hanover 2 May 2009 Details
PW LeClerc (P) 37y 279d USA v Samoa Apia 26 Jun 1999 Details
JJ Hayes (P) 37y 277d Ireland v Scotland Murrayfield 6 Aug 2011 Details
J Salazar Lizarraga (P) 37y 259d Spain v Portugal Lisbon 15 Mar 2014 Details
F Haget L 37y 249d France v Fiji Auckland 7 Jun 1987 Details
RJ May L 37y 240d Germany v Belgium Offenbach 4 Mar 2017 Details
MA Bustos P 37y 235d Argentina v Italy Rome 23 Nov 2013 Details
PAG Rendall (P) 37y 232d England v Italy Twickenham 8 Oct 1991 Details
AF Paoli P 37y 229d USA v Italy Otley 5 Oct 1991 Details
J McLauchlan P 37y 210d Scotland v New Zealand Murrayfield 10 Nov 1979 Details
S Baikeinuku (C) 37y 172d Fiji v Georgia Suva 24 Jun 2016 Details
E Naituivau (P) 37y 151d Fiji v England Twickenham 20 Oct 1999 Details
RGA Snow P 37y 151d Canada v Australia Bordeaux 29 Sep 2007 Details
W Murata SH 37y 145d Japan v Ireland Tokyo 19 Jun 2005 Details
M Moeakiola (P) 37y 144d USA v South Africa London 7 Oct 2015 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Colombia v Venezuela at Guarne, South American Championship, Oct 21, 2017 [53-15 FT]
Austria v Serbia and Montenegro at Vienna, FIRA Championship D2, Oct 21, 2017 [27-25 FT]
Andorra v Israel at Andorra la Vella, FIRA Championship D2, Oct 21, 2017 [22-27 FT]
Hungary v Latvia at Esztergom, FIRA Championship D2, Oct 21, 2017 [6-12 FT]
Australia v New Zealand at Brisbane, Oct 21, 2017 [23-18 FT]
Lesotho v Malawi at Maseru, African CAR Championship, Oct 21, 2017 [67-3 FT]