Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
D Ormaechea N8 38y 330d Uruguay Buenos Aires 15 Aug 1998 Details
G Labadze F 38y 276d Georgia Vancouver 23 Jun 2012 Details
D Lewis H 38y 191d Hong Kong Shawnigan Lake 13 Jun 1998 Details
V Grachev N8 38y 47d Russia Esher 8 Jun 2011 Details
MA Williams (C) 37y 358d USA Toronto 19 Jun 1999 Details
PW LeClerc (P) 37y 272d USA Toronto 19 Jun 1999 Details
H Ono L 37y 73d Japan San Jose 18 Jul 2015 Details
I Tawake F 37y 18d Fiji Bordeaux 9 Oct 1999 Details
A Ponce de Leon L 36y 270d Uruguay Hamilton 23 May 2001 Details
BC Thorn (FH) 36y 241d New Zealand Wellington 2 Oct 2011 Details
PA Orr P 36y 167d Ireland Dunedin 30 May 1987 Details
M Bergamasco (N8) 36y 148d Italy Leeds 26 Sep 2015 Details
THNT T-Pole F 36y 85d Tonga Vancouver 24 Jul 2015 Details
G Chkhaidze (L) 36y 83d Georgia Tbilisi 11 Nov 2017 Details
I Male (N8) 36y 31d Fiji Tokyo 3 Jul 2001 Details
IHK Gavidi (L) 35y 354d Spain Madrid 18 Nov 2017 Details
PJ O'Connell L 35y 334d Ireland Millennium Stadium 19 Sep 2015 Details
L Manga P 35y 329d USA Denver 13 Jun 1992 Details
DT Hodges N8 35y 278d USA Edmonton 19 Jun 2004 Details
MA Ross P 35y 272d Ireland Millennium Stadium 19 Sep 2015 Details
AF Paoli P 35y 217d USA Toronto 23 Sep 1989 Details
CAI Johnston (P) 35y 203d Samoa Grenoble 25 Nov 2016 Details
P Ondarts P 35y 195d France Agen 13 Oct 1991 Details
K Faletau L 35y 185d Tonga Nuku A'lofa 3 Jul 1999 Details
H Bloomfield (F) 35y 169d USA Chicago 21 Jun 2008 Details
M Purcell W 35y 155d USA Vancouver 10 May 1987 Details
L Walton W 35y 143d USA Calgary 6 Jun 1981 Details
S Koto Vuli H 35y 144d Fiji The Stoop 6 Sep 2015 Details
NGA Mas (P) 35y 131d France Milton Keynes 1 Oct 2015 Details
PA Lemoine P 35y 96d Uruguay Glendale 5 Jun 2010 Details
A Parker (L) 35y 92d USA Edmonton 11 Jul 2009 Details
AM Aguilar W 35y 82d Portugal Lisbon 27 Nov 2010 Details
I Taukafa H 35y 80d Tonga Whangarei 14 Sep 2011 Details
C Lippert P 35y 67d USA Burlington 6 Jun 1998 Details
I Zykov P 35y 24d Russia Calgary 18 Jun 2016 Details
WA Dooley L 35y 15d England Wembley 17 Oct 1992 Details
IS Tabua Tamanivalu F 35y 9d Fiji Bordeaux 9 Oct 1999 Details
Q Geldenhuys L 35y 7d Italy Toronto 26 Jun 2016 Details
JJ Hayes (P) 35y 6d Ireland Limerick 8 Nov 2008 Details
P Pape L 34y 361d France Milton Keynes 1 Oct 2015 Details
S Niebauer F 34y 354d USA Albany 12 Jun 1982 Details
A Passadore SH 34y 354d Uruguay Montevideo 7 Mar 1995 Details
HK Hopgood N8 34y 353d Japan San Jose 18 Jul 2015 Details
G McDonald P 34y 351d USA Vancouver 18 May 1996 Details
RJ Thompson N8 34y 341d Japan Vancouver 21 Jun 1998 Details
RA Martin F 34y 341d Argentina Buenos Aires 30 Aug 2003 Details
TM Vaega C 34y 319d Samoa Apia 1 Jul 2000 Details
M Fa'asavalu F 34y 306d Samoa Vannes 14 Nov 2014 Details
EGE Reddan (SH) 34y 303d Ireland Millennium Stadium 19 Sep 2015 Details
H Lavaka P 34y 292d Tonga Wollongong 29 Oct 2003 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Spain v Canada at Madrid, Nov 18, 2017 [27-37 FT]
Georgia v Canada at Tbilisi, Nov 11, 2017 [54-22 FT]
United States of America v Canada at San Diego, 2019 Rugby World Cup Qualifier 2nd Test, Jul 1, 2017 [52-16 FT]