Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
BC Thorn L 40y 102d Leicester Leicester 16 May 2015 Details
CJ Budgen (P) 39y 232d Exeter Northampton 9 Sep 2012 Details
PA Stringer (SH) 39y 80d Sale Sharks Salford 3 Mar 2017 Details
RGR Dawe (H) 38y 248d Sale Sharks Sale 10 May 1998 Details
DF O'Callaghan L 38y 239d Worcester Worcester 18 Nov 2017 Details
MJ Catt (W) 38y 233d London Irish Reading 8 May 2010 Details
A Deacon P 38y 121d Gloucester Gloucester 29 Nov 2003 Details
DJ Grewcock L 38y 104d Bath Rugby Bath 19 Feb 2011 Details
NJ Hines L 38y 42d Sale Sharks Salford 10 Jan 2015 Details
GO Llewellyn L 38y 26d Bristol Bristol 25 Mar 2007 Details
MT Umaga (C) 37y 353d Rotherham Northampton 7 Feb 2004 Details
MR Sorenson (L) 37y 277d Bristol Northampton 7 Jan 2017 Details
O Sourgens P 37y 232d Worcester Northampton 6 Sep 2009 Details
NJ Easter N8 37y 225d Harlequins Northampton 27 Mar 2016 Details
SD Shaw L 37y 207d Wasps Northampton 27 Mar 2011 Details
DSC Bell (P) 37y 182d Bath Rugby Bath 31 Mar 2012 Details
DM Davies H 37y 178d Leicester Northampton 27 Feb 2010 Details
T Taumoepeau P 37y 137d Worcester Worcester 30 Sep 2011 Details
N Hatley P 37y 126d London Irish Northampton 28 Apr 2007 Details
NA de Kock (SH) 37y 106d Saracens Barnet 5 Mar 2016 Details
WJ James (L) 37y 69d Gloucester Northampton 1 Mar 2014 Details
CH Nieto (P) 37y 14d Saracens Barnet 12 May 2013 Details
SC Turner (P) 37y 3d Sale Sharks Stockport 25 Apr 2009 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua (F) 37y 2d Wasps Northampton 27 Mar 2011 Details
IM Gough L 36y 358d London Irish Reading 3 Nov 2013 Details
DIW Hilton P 36y 356d Bristol Bristol 25 Mar 2007 Details
MP Regan H 36y 341d Bristol Northampton 3 Jan 2009 Details
SB Brits H 36y 326d Saracens Northampton 7 Apr 2018 Details
CMA Sheasby N8 36y 315d London Irish Northampton 11 Oct 2003 Details
JM White P 36y 289d Leicester Northampton 27 Feb 2010 Details
JW Marshall (SH) 36y 284d Saracens Northampton 16 May 2010 Details
G Ross FH 36y 267d London Welsh Oxford 30 Nov 2014 Details
NJ Evans FH 36y 265d Harlequins Northampton 6 May 2017 Details
PVW du Plessis (P) 36y 262d London Irish Northampton 17 Feb 2018 Details
CP Fortey H 36y 254d Worcester Northampton 5 May 2012 Details
AJ Windo P 36y 252d Worcester Worcester 7 Jan 2006 Details
DJ Garforth (P) 36y 214d Leicester Northampton 9 Nov 2002 Details
OPC Azam H 36y 180d Gloucester Gloucester 19 Apr 2011 Details
S Lawson (H) 36y 177d Newcastle Newcastle 24 Mar 2018 Details
AC Moreno (P) 36y 158d Leeds Northampton 26 Sep 2009 Details
CM Gillies (L) 36y 139d Worcester Northampton 22 Sep 2012 Details
T Fuga H 36y 130d Harlequins Northampton 21 Nov 2009 Details
GS Chuter H 36y 117d Leicester Leicester 3 Nov 2012 Details
G Graham P 36y 113d Newcastle Northampton 12 May 2002 Details
DE Crompton P 36y 113d Bristol Northampton 3 Jan 2009 Details
TA May C 36y 93d London Welsh Northampton 9 May 2015 Details
CI Fernandez Lobbe (L) 36y 91d Bath Rugby Bath 19 Feb 2011 Details
PJP Sella C 36y 89d Saracens Watford 14 May 1998 Details
NA Back F 36y 41d Leicester Northampton 26 Feb 2005 Details
CR Andrew FH 36y 37d Newcastle Northampton 27 Mar 1999 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Northampton Saints at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, Apr 29, 2018 [36-29 FT]
Leicester Tigers v Northampton Saints at Leicester, Aviva Premiership, Apr 14, 2018 [21-27 FT]
Newcastle Falcons v Northampton Saints at Newcastle, Aviva Premiership, Mar 24, 2018 [25-22 FT]