Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
J Mycock L 33y 1d England v Wales Cardiff 18 Jan 1947 Details
H Tanner SH 32y 62d Wales v Ireland Swansea 12 Mar 1949 Details
WE Tamplin L 30y 224d Wales v Australia Cardiff 20 Dec 1947 Details
JRS Innes C 30y 144d Scotland v Wales Cardiff 7 Feb 1948 Details
G Basquet N8 26y 223d France v Wales Swansea 21 Feb 1948 Details
L Junquas C 25y 102d France v Wales XV Swansea 22 Dec 1945 Details
JDE Monteith C 24y 217d Ireland v Wales Swansea 29 Mar 1947 Details
NM Hall FH 23y 166d England v Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1949 Details
KD Mullen H 22y 106d Ireland v Wales Swansea 12 Mar 1949 Details
T Allan C 21y 84d Australia v Wales Cardiff 20 Dec 1947 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wales v Ireland at Swansea, Five Nations, Mar 12, 1949 [0-5 FT]
Wales v England at Cardiff, Five Nations, Jan 15, 1949 [9-3 FT]
Wales v France at Swansea, Five Nations, Feb 21, 1948 [3-11 FT]