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Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
NC Sharpe L 34y 237d Australia v New Zealand Brisbane 20 Oct 2012 Details
N Mas P 34y 15d France v Australia Brisbane 7 Jun 2014 Details
RH McCaw F 33y 228d New Zealand v Australia Sydney 16 Aug 2014 Details
J de Villiers C 33y 194d South Africa v Australia Perth 6 Sep 2014 Details
JW Smit H 33y 111d South Africa v Australia Sydney 23 Jul 2011 Details
MM Schwalger H 32y 305d Samoa v Australia Sydney 17 Jul 2011 Details
T Dusautoir F 32y 215d France v Australia Sydney 21 Jun 2014 Details
LW Moody F 32y 7d England v Australia Sydney 19 Jun 2010 Details
JM Fernandez Lobbe F 31y 299d Argentina v Australia Perth 14 Sep 2013 Details
BG O'Driscoll C 31y 156d Ireland v Australia Brisbane 26 Jun 2010 Details
ST Moore H 31y 138d Australia v France Brisbane 7 Jun 2014 Details
DT Manu P 31y 107d Fiji v Australia Canberra 5 Jun 2010 Details
A Creevy H 29y 182d Argentina v Australia Gold Coast 13 Sep 2014 Details
BSC Mowen N8 28y 287d Australia v Argentina Perth 14 Sep 2013 Details
RD Elsom F 28y 159d Australia v South Africa Sydney 23 Jul 2011 Details
JE Horwill L 28y 80d Australia v New Zealand Sydney 17 Aug 2013 Details
RW Ford H 28y 43d Scotland v Australia Newcastle 5 Jun 2012 Details
AW Jones L 27y 290d Lions v Australia Sydney 6 Jul 2013 Details
SW Genia SH 25y 233d Australia v South Africa Brisbane 7 Sep 2013 Details
SK Warburton F 24y 267d Lions v Australia Melbourne 29 Jun 2013 Details
DW Pocock F 24y 117d Australia v New Zealand Sydney 18 Aug 2012 Details
M Hooper F 22y 319d Australia v Argentina Gold Coast 13 Sep 2014 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Australia v Argentina at Gold Coast, Rugby Championship, Sep 13, 2014 [32-25 FT]
Australia v South Africa at Perth, Rugby Championship, Sep 6, 2014 [24-23 FT]
Australia v New Zealand at Sydney, Rugby Championship, Aug 16, 2014 [12-12 FT]