Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
F Valu N8 37y 362d v Ireland Brisbane 3 Jun 1987 Details
EVT Taione H 36y 63d v Samoa Apia 27 Jul 2019 Details
O Latu Langilangi F 34y 127d v Samoa Apia 25 Jun 2016 Details
SF Maka F 34y 83d v France Wellington 1 Oct 2011 Details
SV Piutau C 34y 0d v USA Osaka 13 Oct 2019 Details
K Pulu P 33y 128d v USA Esher 8 Jun 2011 Details
AA Lutui H 33y 82d v Japan Whangarei 21 Sep 2011 Details
SK Vahafolau N8 33y 80d v Samoa Lautoka 13 Jul 2011 Details
DB Kivalu N8 31y 52d v New Zealand Brisbane 24 Oct 2003 Details
I Fatani L 30y 129d v USA San Francisco 15 May 1999 Details
IU Afeaki L 30y 109d v Canada Wollongong 29 Oct 2003 Details
S Taumalolo FH 29y 331d v Japan Fukuoka 4 Jun 2006 Details
L Katoa F 29y 322d v Fiji Suva 21 Jun 1997 Details
FML Vunipola H 29y 263d v Fiji Brisbane 26 Sep 1998 Details
VL Vaki F 29y 209d v France Toulouse 19 Nov 2005 Details
EB Vunipola FH 29y 11d v Fiji Lautoka 16 Jun 2001 Details
M Tupou N8 28y 216d v Chile Santiago 29 Sep 2010 Details
VF Lilo FB 28y 131d v Japan Suva 9 Jul 2011 Details
SF Ngauamo C 27y 350d v Cook Islands Nuku A'lofa 5 Jul 1997 Details
S Takulua SH 27y 317d v Georgia Tbilisi 24 Nov 2018 Details
UVT Moa SH 27y 244d v Italy Brescia 10 Nov 2012 Details
DJ Briggs P 27y 148d v Wales Swansea 16 Nov 1997 Details
E Taione F 27y 121d v Samoa Gosford 1 Jul 2006 Details
S Finau C 26y 59d v Canada Nuku A'lofa 3 Jul 1999 Details
KKLMF 'Otai N8 25y 255d v Ivory Coast Rustenberg 3 Jun 1995 Details
SO Mafi F 25y 232d v USA Toronto 29 Jul 2015 Details
SIA Afeaki F 24y 234d v Fiji Nadi 4 Jul 2003 Details
SM Kalamafoni N8 22y 39d v Japan Apia 26 Jun 2010 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Tonga v United States of America at Osaka, Rugby World Cup, Oct 13, 2019 [31-19 FT]
Tonga v Fiji at Nuku A'lofa, 2019 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Jul 8, 2017 [10-14 FT]
Tonga v Samoa at Nuku A'lofa, 2019 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Jul 1, 2017 [30-26 FT]