Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
D Ormaechea N8 40y 26d Uruguay Glasgow 15 Oct 1999 Details
A Malo Navio N8 35y 190d Spain Murrayfield 10 Oct 1999 Details
RH McCaw F 34y 297d New Zealand Twickenham 24 Oct 2015 Details
ME Corry F 33y 337d England Stade de France 14 Sep 2007 Details
MO Johnson L 33y 223d England Perth 18 Oct 2003 Details
S Sititi F 33y 187d Samoa Parc des Princes 9 Sep 2007 Details
A Pichot SH 33y 53d Argentina Stade de France 14 Oct 2007 Details
MM Schwalger H 33y 15d Samoa North Shore City 30 Sep 2011 Details
G Armstrong SH 33y 3d Scotland Murrayfield 3 Oct 1999 Details
DT Manu P 32y 211d Fiji Wellington 17 Sep 2011 Details
MN Rauluni SH 32y 102d Fiji Marseille 7 Oct 2007 Details
SBT Fitzpatrick H 32y 20d New Zealand Johannesburg 24 Jun 1995 Details
PJ Vickery P 31y 220d England Stade de France 20 Oct 2007 Details
MP Lynagh FH 31y 212d Australia Cape Town 25 May 1995 Details
O Treviranus N8 31y 179d Samoa Birmingham 26 Sep 2015 Details
SV Manoa N8 30y 216d USA London 7 Oct 2015 Details
GD Laidlaw SH 29y 356d Scotland Newcastle 3 Oct 2015 Details
JA Eales L 29y 125d Australia Twickenham 30 Oct 1999 Details
RD Thorne F 28y 310d New Zealand Melbourne 8 Nov 2003 Details
MMM Hercus FH 28y 117d USA Montpellier 30 Sep 2007 Details
PG Saint-Andre W 28y 59d France Durban 17 Jun 1995 Details
J Burger F 28y 55d Namibia North Shore City 22 Sep 2011 Details
GL Rees FH 27y 338d Canada Port Elizabeth 3 Jun 1995 Details
V Katsadze C 27y 100d Georgia Sydney 24 Oct 2003 Details
SK Warburton F 27y 12d Wales Twickenham 17 Oct 2015 Details
FN Sanchez FH 27y 4d Argentina London 30 Oct 2015 Details
MG Leitch F 26y 347d Japan Brighton 19 Sep 2015 Details
PR Lam N8 26y 254d Samoa Johannesburg 10 Jun 1995 Details
TE Brinza N8 26y 251d Romania Cape Town 30 May 1995 Details
JE Horwill L 26y 133d Australia Wellington 9 Oct 2011 Details
O Latu Langilangi F 25y 215d Tonga Lens 22 Sep 2007 Details
TC Randell N8 24y 364d New Zealand Millennium Stadium 4 Nov 1999 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Argentina v South Africa at London, Rugby World Cup 3rd/4th place playoff, Oct 30, 2015 [13-24 FT]
New Zealand v South Africa at Twickenham, Rugby World Cup Semi final, Oct 24, 2015 [20-18 FT]
Scotland v South Africa at Newcastle, Rugby World Cup, Oct 3, 2015 [16-34 FT]