Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
D Ormaechea N8 40y 26d Uruguay v South Africa Glasgow 15 Oct 1999 Details
V Matfield L 38y 172d South Africa v Argentina London 30 Oct 2015 Details
AJ Charron L 37y 94d Canada v Tonga Wollongong 29 Oct 2003 Details
JN Cudmore L 37y 30d Canada v Romania Leicester 6 Oct 2015 Details
PM Fatialofa P 36y 31d Samoa v Italy East London 27 May 1995 Details
PJ O'Connell L 35y 356d Ireland v France Millennium Stadium 11 Oct 2015 Details
H Porta FH 35y 263d Argentina v New Zealand Wellington 1 Jun 1987 Details
E Burlingham L 35y 232d USA v England Sydney 3 Jun 1987 Details
A Malo Navio N8 35y 190d Spain v South Africa Murrayfield 10 Oct 1999 Details
DT Hodges F 35y 46d USA v France Wollongong 31 Oct 2003 Details
RH McCaw F 34y 304d New Zealand v Australia Twickenham 31 Oct 2015 Details
R Ibanez H 34y 244d France v Argentina Parc des Princes 19 Oct 2007 Details
F Galthie SH 34y 241d France v England Sydney 16 Nov 2003 Details
J de Villiers C 34y 214d South Africa v Samoa Birmingham 26 Sep 2015 Details
GM Gregan SH 34y 157d Australia v Fiji Montpellier 23 Sep 2007 Details
J Ferreira H 34y 151d Portugal v Romania Toulouse 25 Sep 2007 Details
G Pivetta H 34y 117d Italy v New Zealand Leicester 13 Oct 1991 Details
Q Geldenhuys L 34y 114d Italy v Romania Exeter 11 Oct 2015 Details
H de Goede L 34y 110d Canada v Wales Invercargill 3 Jun 1987 Details
SF Maka F 34y 83d Tonga v France Wellington 1 Oct 2011 Details
F Contepomi C 34y 50d Argentina v New Zealand Auckland 9 Oct 2011 Details
M Paraschivescu SH 34y 29d Romania v Scotland Dunedin 2 Jun 1987 Details
A Troncon SH 34y 23d Italy v Scotland Saint-Etienne 29 Sep 2007 Details
ME Corry F 33y 351d England v Tonga Parc des Princes 28 Sep 2007 Details
TS Dusautoir F 33y 333d France v New Zealand Millennium Stadium 17 Oct 2015 Details
I Abuseridze SH 33y 311d Georgia v Argentina Palmerston North 2 Oct 2011 Details
PW Dods FB 33y 276d Scotland v Zimbabwe Murrayfield 9 Oct 1991 Details
LFM Cullen L 33y 259d Ireland v Russia Rotorua 25 Sep 2011 Details
MO Johnson L 33y 258d England v Australia Sydney 22 Nov 2003 Details
O Latu Langilangi F 33y 232d Tonga v New Zealand Newcastle 9 Oct 2015 Details
PF du Preez SH 33y 214d South Africa v New Zealand Twickenham 24 Oct 2015 Details
S Sititi F 33y 204d Samoa v USA Saint-Etienne 26 Sep 2007 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua F 33y 189d France v Georgia Marseille 30 Sep 2007 Details
JW Smit H 33y 189d South Africa v Australia Wellington 9 Oct 2011 Details
VM Tincu H 33y 174d Romania v Georgia Palmerston North 28 Sep 2011 Details
AG Hastings FB 33y 159d Scotland v New Zealand Pretoria 11 Jun 1995 Details
KF Fotuali'i SH 33y 141d Samoa v Scotland Newcastle 10 Oct 2015 Details
CJ Powell C 33y 118d Namibia v Argentina Marseille 22 Sep 2007 Details
LW Moody F 33y 118d England v France Auckland 8 Oct 2011 Details
AF Paoli P 33y 102d USA v Australia Brisbane 31 May 1987 Details
AA Lutui H 33y 82d Tonga v Japan Whangarei 21 Sep 2011 Details
G Thomas FB 33y 66d Wales v Fiji Nantes 29 Sep 2007 Details
A Pichot SH 33y 58d Argentina v France Parc des Princes 19 Oct 2007 Details
D Dubroca H 33y 56d France v New Zealand Auckland 20 Jun 1987 Details
S Blanco FB 33y 49d France v England Parc des Princes 19 Oct 1991 Details
C Checchinato L 33y 42d Italy v New Zealand Melbourne 11 Oct 2003 Details
G Armstrong SH 33y 24d Scotland v New Zealand Murrayfield 24 Oct 1999 Details
AK Hore H 33y 19d New Zealand v Canada Wellington 2 Oct 2011 Details
MM Schwalger H 33y 15d Samoa v South Africa North Shore City 30 Sep 2011 Details
MJ Tindall C 32y 327d England v Argentina Dunedin 10 Sep 2011 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Japan v Scotland at Yokohama, Rugby World Cup, Oct 13, 2019 [0-0]
Tonga v United States of America at Osaka, Rugby World Cup, Oct 13, 2019 [0-0]
England v France at Yokohama, Rugby World Cup, Oct 12, 2019 [0-0]
Italy v New Zealand at Aichi, Rugby World Cup, Oct 12, 2019 [0-0]