Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
WE Crawford FB 35y 115d v Wales Lansdowne Road 12 Mar 1927 Details
WP Collopy P 29y 294d v Scotland Inverleith 23 Feb 1924 Details
RA Lloyd FH 28y 243d v France Lansdowne Road 3 Apr 1920 Details
TH Wallace C 27y 323d v Wales Cardiff 13 Mar 1920 Details
WD Doherty L 27y 266d v France Colombes 9 Apr 1921 Details
GV Stephenson C 27y 77d v Wales Belfast 9 Mar 1929 Details
JKS Thompson F 24y 273d v France Colombes 14 Apr 1923 Details
EO Davy FH 24y 212d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 23 Feb 1929 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Ireland v Wales at Belfast, Five Nations, Mar 9, 1929 [5-5 FT]
Ireland v Scotland at Lansdowne Road, Five Nations, Feb 23, 1929 [7-16 FT]
Ireland v England at Lansdowne Road, Five Nations, Feb 11, 1928 [6-7 FT]