Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
J Heaton C 34y 197d England Twickenham 15 Mar 1947 Details
H Tanner SH 32y 27d Wales Murrayfield 5 Feb 1949 Details
EK Scott C 29y 280d England Murrayfield 20 Mar 1948 Details
I Preece FH 28y 94d England Twickenham 19 Mar 1949 Details
G Basquet N8 27y 186d France Colombes 15 Jan 1949 Details
L Junquas C 26y 112d France Colombes 1 Jan 1947 Details
JDE Monteith C 24y 182d Ireland Murrayfield 22 Feb 1947 Details
KD Mullen H 22y 92d Ireland Murrayfield 26 Feb 1949 Details
T Allan C 21y 56d Australia Murrayfield 22 Nov 1947 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
England v Scotland at Twickenham, Five Nations, Mar 19, 1949 [19-3 FT]
France v Scotland at Colombes, Five Nations, Jan 15, 1949 [0-8 FT]
Ireland v Scotland at Lansdowne Road, Five Nations, Feb 28, 1948 [6-0 FT]