Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
RAL Davidson P 31y 239d v NZ Maori Brisbane 14 Jun 1958 Details
CJ Windon F 29y 255d v New Zealand Brisbane 21 Jul 1951 Details
RM Tooth FH 27y 253d v New Zealand Brisbane 1 Jun 1957 Details
NM Shehadie P 27y 223d v Fiji Sydney 26 Jun 1954 Details
CR Wilson F 27y 139d v New Zealand Auckland 20 Sep 1958 Details
PT Fenwicke F 26y 211d v Lions Sydney 13 Jun 1959 Details
AS Cameron L 26y 197d v South Africa Brisbane 2 Jun 1956 Details
HJ Solomon FH 25y 309d v New Zealand Wellington 20 Aug 1955 Details
NV Cottrell H 23y 163d v Lions Sydney 26 Aug 1950 Details
KC Winning F 23y 141d v New Zealand Sydney 23 Jun 1951 Details
DM Connor SH 22y 330d v NZ Maori Melbourne 5 Jul 1958 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Australia v British and Irish Lions at Sydney, 2nd Test, Jun 13, 1959 [3-24 FT]
Australia v British and Irish Lions at Brisbane, 1st Test, Jun 6, 1959 [6-17 FT]
Australia v New Zealand Maori at Melbourne, 3rd Test, Jul 5, 1958 [6-13 FT]