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Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
VM Tincu H 33y 303d Romania Bucharest 4 Feb 2012 Details
I Abuseridze SH 33y 93d Georgia Lisbon 26 Feb 2011 Details
I Machkhaneli W 32y 205d Georgia Lisbon 8 Feb 2014 Details
S Socol L 32y 110d Romania Lisbon 20 Mar 2010 Details
H Buydens P 31y 323d Canada Lisbon 23 Nov 2013 Details
P Feijoo Ugalde SH 31y 209d Spain Lisbon 15 Mar 2014 Details
A Yanyushkin SH 31y 129d Russia Sotchi 8 Mar 2014 Details
D Danielewics H 31y 99d Brazil Sao Paulo 15 Nov 2013 Details
J Nieuwenhuis F 31y 84d Namibia Bucharest 15 Jun 2011 Details
P Riordan H 31y 58d Canada Lisbon 27 Nov 2010 Details
N Klappenbach H 30y 231d Uruguay Montevideo 11 Nov 2012 Details
L Fernandez-Aramburu L 29y 355d Spain Madrid 13 Mar 2010 Details
A Qera F 29y 199d Fiji Lisbon 9 Nov 2013 Details
R Kitshoff F 29y 70d Namibia Lisbon 22 Nov 2014 Details
A Voytov L 29y 67d Russia Sotchi 12 Feb 2011 Details
M Gungor SH 28y 319d Germany Heusenstamm 27 Feb 2010 Details
TS Clever F 27y 301d USA Lisbon 13 Nov 2010 Details
C Sempere Padilla FH 27y 289d Spain Coimbra 10 Mar 2012 Details
MI Acena Colaneri F 27y 131d Spain Madrid 12 Mar 2011 Details
J Burger F 27y 114d Namibia Coimbra 20 Nov 2010 Details
D Kacharava C 27y 40d Georgia Tbilisi 25 Feb 2012 Details
M Macovei F 26y 96d Romania Lisbon 2 Feb 2013 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Russia v Portugal at Sotchi, 2015 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Mar 8, 2014 [34-18 FT]
Belgium v Portugal at Brussels, 2015 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Feb 22, 2014 [6-19 FT]
Romania v Portugal at Cluj, 2015 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Feb 1, 2014 [24-0 FT]