Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
S Lanfranchi P 38y 184d v France Parma 29 Mar 1964 Details
V Bertolotto L 35y 339d v France XV Rovigo 28 Mar 1948 Details
SM Parisse N8 35y 185d v France Rome 16 Mar 2019 Details
G Pivetta H 35y 105d v Romania Rome 1 Oct 1992 Details
Q Geldenhuys L 34y 114d v Romania Exeter 11 Oct 2015 Details
LL Ghiraldini H 34y 60d v Ireland Rome 24 Feb 2019 Details
A Cazzini C 34y 37d v Romania Milan 2 May 1942 Details
A Troncon SH 34y 23d v Scotland Saint-Etienne 29 Sep 2007 Details
P Farinelli C 34y 6d v Spain Roma 6 May 1951 Details
M Bollesan F 33y 307d v Czechia Reggio di Calabria 10 May 1975 Details
U Levorato P 33y 289d v France Pau 18 Apr 1965 Details
M Bortolami L 33y 269d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 8 Mar 2014 Details
M Battaglini L 33y 188d v France Lyon 26 Apr 1953 Details
D Dominguez FH 33y 123d v Spain L'Aquila 26 Aug 1999 Details
A Moscardi H 33y 71d v England Rome 7 Apr 2002 Details
C Checchinato L 33y 42d v New Zealand Melbourne 11 Oct 2003 Details
M Giovanelli F 32y 227d v New Zealand Huddersfield 14 Oct 1999 Details
M Cuttitta P 32y 150d v France XV Genova 30 Jan 1999 Details
I Mazzucchelli L 32y 3d v Romania Bucharest 27 Apr 1975 Details
A di Zitti L 31y 355d v Belgium Brussels 10 May 1969 Details
A de Rossi N8 31y 233d v Wales Millennium Stadium 27 Mar 2004 Details
G Zanon N8 31y 219d v England Twickenham 8 Oct 1991 Details
ML Castrogiovanni P 31y 125d v Wales Rome 23 Feb 2013 Details
A Lo Cicero Vaina P 31y 33d v Argentina Mendoza 9 Jun 2007 Details
G Rossi P 30y 296d v France XV Albi 18 Feb 1990 Details
S Bettarello FH 30y 199d v Soviet Union Treviso 5 Nov 1988 Details
S Ghizzoni FB 30y 183d v England B Twickenham 17 Apr 1985 Details
M Innocenti N8 30y 90d v Australia Rome 3 Dec 1988 Details
F Minto F 30y 35d v Australia Brisbane 24 Jun 2017 Details
P Rosi C 30y 4d v France Rome 24 Apr 1954 Details
F Gaetaniello FB 29y 225d v Spain Casablanca 7 Sep 1983 Details
A Bona P 29y 163d v France XV Rovigo 8 Mar 1981 Details
S Tartaglini FB 29y 132d v France Milan 17 May 1952 Details
L Francescato C 29y 74d v Romania Braila 12 Apr 1981 Details
P Mariani F 29y 13d v Romania Bucharest 22 Apr 1979 Details
F Vinci III C 28y 362d v Romania Rome 29 Apr 1939 Details
U Cossara F 28y 348d v Poland Catania 2 Apr 1977 Details
E Sgorbati N8 28y 345d v Germany Stuttgart 5 May 1940 Details
G Mancini H 28y 251d v France Agen 21 Apr 1957 Details
G Franceschini SH 28y 238d v Czechia Prague 29 Oct 1977 Details
S Bonetti N8 28y 105d v France XV L'Aquila 4 Feb 1978 Details
S Vigliano F 28y 83d v France Parc des Princes 17 Oct 1937 Details
S Favaro F 28y 19d v Tonga Padova 26 Nov 2016 Details
G Fornari F 27y 314d v Czechia Prague 29 Apr 1956 Details
R Francescato C 27y 203d v Zimbabwe Bulawayo 22 Jun 1985 Details
M Campagna C 27y 179d v Germany Stuttgart 6 Mar 1938 Details
E Gori SH 27y 97d v Scotland Singpore 10 Jun 2017 Details
A Fedrigo L 27y 94d v Romania Bucharest 1 May 1977 Details
F Ongaro H 27y 65d v USA Biella-in-Piedmont 27 Nov 2004 Details
A Taveggia P 27y 54d v France Treviso 17 Apr 1960 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Italy v New Zealand at Aichi, Rugby World Cup, Oct 12, 2019 [0-0]
Italy v South Africa at Shizuoka, Rugby World Cup, Oct 4, 2019 [0-0]
Italy v France at Rome, Six Nations, Mar 16, 2019 [14-25 FT]