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Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
D Ormaechea N8 38y 330d Uruguay Buenos Aires 15 Aug 1998 Details
G Labadze F 35y 258d Georgia Glendale 6 Jun 2009 Details
S Niebauer F 34y 354d USA Albany 12 Jun 1982 Details
DT Hodges L 34y 276d USA Vancouver 18 Jun 2003 Details
JCGO Correia H 34y 96d Portugal Lisbon 23 Nov 2013 Details
SF Maka F 34y 66d Tonga Whangarei 14 Sep 2011 Details
KR Swords L 33y 324d USA Long Beach 21 May 1994 Details
AF Paoli P 33y 269d USA Victoria 14 Nov 1987 Details
F Galthie SH 33y 248d France Stade de France 23 Nov 2002 Details
NJ Popplewell P 33y 238d Ireland Lansdowne Road 30 Nov 1997 Details
TW Billups H 33y 235d USA Buenos Aires 18 Aug 1998 Details
A Iachetti L 33y 222d Argentina Buenos Aires 16 Jun 1990 Details
C Lippert P 33y 171d USA Hamilton 18 Sep 1996 Details
S Blanco FB 33y 43d France Agen 13 Oct 1991 Details
AK Hore H 33y 19d New Zealand Wellington 2 Oct 2011 Details
AG Hastings FB 33y 18d Scotland Murrayfield 21 Jan 1995 Details
I Abuseridze SH 32y 360d Georgia Tbilisi 20 Nov 2010 Details
DJ Lyle N8 32y 333d USA Buenos Aires 27 Aug 2003 Details
RD Thorne F 32y 165d New Zealand Hamilton 16 Jun 2007 Details
G Thomas FB 32y 115d Wales Millennium Stadium 17 Nov 2006 Details
I Machkhaneli W 32y 114d Georgia Tbilisi 9 Nov 2013 Details
M Taylor C 32y 104d Wales Toronto 11 Jun 2005 Details
AF McCormick C 32y 85d Japan Tokyo 1 May 1999 Details
MN Rauluni SH 32y 81d Fiji Millennium Stadium 16 Sep 2007 Details
BG Vizard N8 31y 339d USA Calgary 8 Jun 1991 Details
L Arbizu C 31y 335d Argentina Buenos Aires 30 Aug 2003 Details
SBT Fitzpatrick H 31y 322d New Zealand Auckland 22 Apr 1995 Details
GW Whetton L 31y 309d New Zealand Lille 20 Oct 1991 Details
T Miuchi N8 31y 288d Japan Bordeaux 25 Sep 2007 Details
M Kunda H 31y 265d Japan Vancouver 21 Jun 1998 Details
T Hirose W 31y 245d Japan Nagoya 19 Jun 2013 Details
H Dumitras N8 31y 240d Romania Toulouse 9 Oct 1991 Details
MP Lynagh FH 31y 218d Australia Port Elizabeth 31 May 1995 Details
T Kikutani N8 31y 215d Japan Napier 27 Sep 2011 Details
O Latu Langilangi F 31y 109d Tonga Kingston 8 Jun 2013 Details
ES Katalau L 31y 89d Fiji Apia 7 Jul 2000 Details
P Vecino C 31y 76d Uruguay Hamilton 23 May 2001 Details
RTG Patterson L 31y 51d Hong Kong Vancouver 6 Jul 1996 Details
A Rougerie W 30y 357d France Napier 18 Sep 2011 Details
A Voytov L 30y 346d Russia Colwyn Bay 17 Nov 2012 Details
MH Loffreda C 30y 317d Argentina Burnaby Lake 30 Mar 1990 Details
CL Charvis N8 30y 289d Wales Melbourne 12 Oct 2003 Details
ML Castrogiovanni P 30y 238d Italy Toronto 15 Jun 2012 Details
TS Clever N8 30y 220d USA Toronto 24 Aug 2013 Details
F Pelous L 30y 216d France Toronto 10 Jul 2004 Details
IU Afeaki L 30y 109d Tonga Wollongong 29 Oct 2003 Details
JT Robinson FB 30y 106d England Twickenham 13 Nov 2004 Details
IC Evans W 30y 82d Wales Markham 11 Jun 1994 Details
A Troncon SH 30y 45d Italy Canberra 21 Oct 2003 Details
H Porta FH 30y 22d Argentina Buenos Aires 3 Oct 1981 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Portugal v Canada at Lisbon, Nov 23, 2013 [8-52 FT]
Romania v Canada at Bucharest, Nov 16, 2013 [21-20 FT]
Georgia v Canada at Tbilisi, Nov 9, 2013 [19-15 FT]