Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
D Ormaechea N8 38y 330d Uruguay Buenos Aires 15 Aug 1998 Details
G Labadze F 35y 258d Georgia Glendale 6 Jun 2009 Details
S Niebauer F 34y 354d USA Albany 12 Jun 1982 Details
DT Hodges L 34y 276d USA Vancouver 18 Jun 2003 Details
AT Tuilagi W 34y 155d Samoa Toronto 29 Jul 2015 Details
JCGO Correia H 34y 96d Portugal Lisbon 23 Nov 2013 Details
SF Maka F 34y 66d Tonga Whangarei 14 Sep 2011 Details
KR Swords L 33y 324d USA Long Beach 21 May 1994 Details
AF Paoli P 33y 269d USA Victoria 14 Nov 1987 Details
F Galthie SH 33y 248d France Stade de France 23 Nov 2002 Details
NJ Popplewell P 33y 238d Ireland Lansdowne Road 30 Nov 1997 Details
TW Billups H 33y 235d USA Buenos Aires 18 Aug 1998 Details
A Iachetti L 33y 222d Argentina Buenos Aires 16 Jun 1990 Details
C Lippert P 33y 171d USA Hamilton 18 Sep 1996 Details
O Latu Langilangi F 33y 155d Tonga Vancouver 24 Jul 2015 Details
S Blanco FB 33y 43d France Agen 13 Oct 1991 Details
AK Hore H 33y 19d New Zealand Wellington 2 Oct 2011 Details
AG Hastings FB 33y 18d Scotland Murrayfield 21 Jan 1995 Details
I Abuseridze SH 32y 360d Georgia Tbilisi 20 Nov 2010 Details
DJ Lyle N8 32y 333d USA Buenos Aires 27 Aug 2003 Details
D Lemi W 32y 277d Samoa Vannes 14 Nov 2014 Details
RD Thorne F 32y 165d New Zealand Hamilton 16 Jun 2007 Details
G Thomas FB 32y 115d Wales Millennium Stadium 17 Nov 2006 Details
I Machkhaneli W 32y 114d Georgia Tbilisi 9 Nov 2013 Details
M Taylor C 32y 104d Wales Toronto 11 Jun 2005 Details
AF McCormick C 32y 85d Japan Tokyo 1 May 1999 Details
MN Rauluni SH 32y 81d Fiji Millennium Stadium 16 Sep 2007 Details
CT Wyles FB 31y 343d USA Nepean 22 Aug 2015 Details
BG Vizard N8 31y 339d USA Calgary 8 Jun 1991 Details
L Arbizu C 31y 335d Argentina Buenos Aires 30 Aug 2003 Details
SBT Fitzpatrick H 31y 322d New Zealand Auckland 22 Apr 1995 Details
GW Whetton L 31y 309d New Zealand Lille 20 Oct 1991 Details
T Miuchi N8 31y 288d Japan Bordeaux 25 Sep 2007 Details
M Kunda H 31y 265d Japan Vancouver 21 Jun 1998 Details
T Hirose W 31y 245d Japan Nagoya 19 Jun 2013 Details
H Dumitras N8 31y 240d Romania Toulouse 9 Oct 1991 Details
MP Lynagh FH 31y 218d Australia Port Elizabeth 31 May 1995 Details
T Kikutani N8 31y 215d Japan Napier 27 Sep 2011 Details
TS Clever F 31y 156d USA Sacramento 21 Jun 2014 Details
J Burger F 31y 101d Namibia Colwyn Bay 7 Nov 2014 Details
ES Katalau L 31y 89d Fiji Apia 7 Jul 2000 Details
P Vecino C 31y 76d Uruguay Hamilton 23 May 2001 Details
RTG Patterson L 31y 51d Hong Kong Vancouver 6 Jul 1996 Details
A Rougerie W 30y 357d France Napier 18 Sep 2011 Details
A Voytov L 30y 346d Russia Colwyn Bay 17 Nov 2012 Details
MH Loffreda C 30y 317d Argentina Burnaby Lake 30 Mar 1990 Details
CL Charvis N8 30y 289d Wales Melbourne 12 Oct 2003 Details
ML Castrogiovanni P 30y 238d Italy Toronto 15 Jun 2012 Details
F Pelous L 30y 216d France Toronto 10 Jul 2004 Details
IU Afeaki L 30y 109d Tonga Wollongong 29 Oct 2003 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Romania v Canada at Bucharest, Nov 22, 2014 [18-9 FT]
United States of America v Canada at Sacramento, IRB Pacific Nations Cup, Jun 21, 2014 [38-35 FT]
Portugal v Canada at Lisbon, Nov 23, 2013 [8-52 FT]