Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
N Hewson F 33y 257d v Kenya Hong Kong 18 Nov 2017 Details
T Cameron H 33y 138d v Japan Tokyo 29 Apr 2007 Details
RTG Patterson L 32y 44d v Japan Tokyo 29 Jun 1997 Details
P Tauiti N8 31y 259d v Japan Tokyo 19 May 2012 Details
LJ Slatem SH 30y 315d v Spain Madrid 23 Nov 2019 Details
J Abel H 30y 132d v Japan Hong Kong 2 May 2009 Details
B Roberts H 29y 206d v Chile Hong Kong 14 Nov 2017 Details
D Falvey N8 29y 195d v Japan Tokyo 28 May 2016 Details
S Leung N8 29y 30d v Japan Tokyo 22 May 2010 Details
J Cunningham F 28y 250d v Canada Marseille 23 Nov 2018 Details
T McColl FB 28y 145d v Japan Hong Kong 27 Apr 2013 Details
RN McIntosh C 27y 184d v Singapore Kuala Lumpur 27 Oct 1994 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Hong Kong v Korea at Hong Kong, Asian - Top 3, Jun 29, 2019 [64-3 FT]
Hong Kong v Malaysia at Hong Kong, Asian - Top 3, Jun 15, 2019 [30-24 FT]
Hong Kong v Kenya at Marseille, 2019 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Nov 17, 2018 [42-17 FT]