Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
R Ibanez H 34y 28d v Scotland Stade de France 17 Mar 2007 Details
F Galthie SH 33y 340d v Scotland Stade de France 23 Feb 2003 Details
D Dubroca H 33y 329d v Wales Cardiff 19 Mar 1988 Details
LA Cassayet-Armagnac L 33y 323d v Wales Swansea 26 Feb 1927 Details
P Pape L 33y 161d v Ireland Stade de France 15 Mar 2014 Details
TS Dusautoir F 33y 123d v England Twickenham 21 Mar 2015 Details
M Leuvielle L 32y 289d v England Colombes 13 Apr 1914 Details
S Blanco FB 32y 197d v England Twickenham 16 Mar 1991 Details
L Nallet L 32y 188d v Italy Rome 21 Mar 2009 Details
F Pelous L 32y 101d v Wales Millennium Stadium 18 Mar 2006 Details
M Crauste F 31y 263d v Wales Cardiff 26 Mar 1966 Details
G Guirado H 31y 239d v Scotland Murrayfield 11 Feb 2018 Details
J Prat F 31y 237d v Wales Colombes 26 Mar 1955 Details
E Cester L 31y 232d v Scotland Murrayfield 16 Mar 1974 Details
P Berbizier SH 31y 231d v England Parc des Princes 3 Feb 1990 Details
G Dufau SH 31y 210d v Wales Cardiff 24 Mar 1956 Details
JP Rives F 31y 77d v Scotland Murrayfield 17 Mar 1984 Details
A Jaureguy W 31y 42d v England Colombes 1 Apr 1929 Details
G Basquet N8 30y 267d v England Colombes 5 Apr 1952 Details
C Darrouy W 30y 92d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 15 Apr 1967 Details
PJP Sella C 30y 36d v Ireland Parc des Princes 21 Mar 1992 Details
GE Lane C 29y 336d v Scotland Parc des Princes 1 Jan 1913 Details
B Dauga L 29y 266d v Ireland Colombes 29 Jan 1972 Details
L Rodriguez N8 29y 251d v Ireland Parc des Princes 3 Mar 1990 Details
J Fouroux SH 29y 238d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 19 Mar 1977 Details
M Prat C 29y 153d v Ireland Colombes 19 Apr 1958 Details
W Spanghero N8 29y 114d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 14 Apr 1973 Details
F Forgues F 29y 32d v Ireland Parc des Princes 1 Jan 1914 Details
P Struxiano SH 29y 23d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 3 Apr 1920 Details
F Moncla F 29y 14d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 15 Apr 1961 Details
JP Bastiat N8 28y 341d v Wales Cardiff 18 Mar 1978 Details
PG Saint-Andre W 28y 332d v Wales Cardiff 16 Mar 1996 Details
OCC Magne F 28y 297d v Italy Stade de France 2 Feb 2002 Details
E Ribere F 28y 296d v England Colombes 6 Apr 1931 Details
P Villepreux FB 28y 264d v Wales Cardiff 25 Mar 1972 Details
JF Tordo H 28y 231d v Wales Parc des Princes 20 Mar 1993 Details
A Benazzi F 28y 207d v Scotland Parc des Princes 15 Mar 1997 Details
L Mias L 28y 202d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 18 Apr 1959 Details
M Puget SH 28y 147d v England Twickenham 22 Feb 1969 Details
JBA Behoteguy C 28y 127d v Wales Cardiff 23 Feb 1929 Details
J Fabre N8 28y 107d v England Colombes 22 Feb 1964 Details
P Dintrans H 28y 60d v Wales Parc des Princes 30 Mar 1985 Details
P Lacroix SH 28y 59d v Wales Colombes 23 Mar 1963 Details
M Celaya L 27y 268d v Wales Cardiff 29 Mar 1958 Details
O Roumat L 27y 262d v England Parc des Princes 5 Mar 1994 Details
C Carrere F 27y 243d v Wales Colombes 27 Mar 1971 Details
F Lasserre F 27y 175d v England Colombes 2 Apr 1923 Details
J Barthe N8 26y 221d v England Twickenham 28 Feb 1959 Details
L Junquas C 26y 220d v England Twickenham 19 Apr 1947 Details
R Astre SH 26y 185d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 1 Mar 1975 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
France v Ireland at Stade de France, Six Nations, Feb 3, 2018 [13-15 FT]
France v Wales at Stade de France, Six Nations, Mar 18, 2017 [20-18 FT]
France v Scotland at Stade de France, Six Nations, Feb 12, 2017 [22-16 FT]