Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
J McLauchlan P 37y 210d v New Zealand Murrayfield 10 Nov 1979 Details
J Aitken P 36y 180d v Romania Bucharest 20 May 1984 Details
PW Dods FB 33y 276d v Zimbabwe Murrayfield 9 Oct 1991 Details
AG Hastings FB 33y 159d v New Zealand Pretoria 11 Jun 1995 Details
GD Laidlaw SH 33y 120d v Ireland Murrayfield 9 Feb 2019 Details
RI Wainwright F 33y 90d v Australia Brisbane 20 Jun 1998 Details
G Armstrong SH 33y 24d v New Zealand Murrayfield 24 Oct 1999 Details
AB Timms C 33y 16d v England Richmond 18 Mar 1905 Details
DG Leslie F 32y 336d v England Twickenham 16 Mar 1985 Details
AK Strokosch F 32y 182d v Italy Torino 22 Aug 2015 Details
IR McGeechan C 32y 138d v France Parc des Princes 17 Mar 1979 Details
BW Redpath SH 32y 129d v Australia Brisbane 8 Nov 2003 Details
CT Deans H 32y 34d v New Zealand Christchurch 6 Jun 1987 Details
RG MacMillan Fwd 31y 344d v England Manchester 13 Mar 1897 Details
WE Maclagan 3Q 31y 330d v England Edinburgh 1 Mar 1890 Details
KDR Brown F 31y 280d v Wales Millennium Stadium 15 Mar 2014 Details
S Murray L 31y 251d v New Zealand Murrayfield 23 Sep 2007 Details
MJ Campbell-Lamerton L 31y 210d v Ireland Murrayfield 27 Feb 1965 Details
F Calder F 31y 210d v France Parc des Princes 18 Mar 1989 Details
JA Barclay F 31y 174d v Italy Rome 17 Mar 2018 Details
RJ Laidlaw SH 31y 120d v Ireland Murrayfield 2 Feb 1985 Details
PC Brown N8 31y 28d v France Parc des Princes 13 Jan 1973 Details
J Hume SH 31y 2d v England Inverleith 19 Mar 1921 Details
DW Morgan SH 30y 360d v England Murrayfield 4 Mar 1978 Details
WID Elliot F 30y 357d v Wales Swansea 10 Apr 1954 Details
AR Irvine FB 30y 297d v Australia Sydney 10 Jul 1982 Details
RGM Lawson SH 30y 197d v Argentina Wellington 25 Sep 2011 Details
JRS Innes C 30y 186d v England Murrayfield 20 Mar 1948 Details
CM Usher N8 30y 173d v England Twickenham 18 Mar 1922 Details
IHP Laughland C 30y 141d v England Murrayfield 19 Mar 1966 Details
AD Kellock L 30y 109d v England Auckland 1 Oct 2011 Details
MA Biggar F 30y 102d v Wales Cardiff 1 Mar 1980 Details
JT Greenwood N8 30y 88d v Ireland Murrayfield 28 Feb 1959 Details
AW Angus C 30y 51d v France Parc des Princes 1 Jan 1920 Details
DMB Sole P 30y 44d v Australia Brisbane 21 Jun 1992 Details
EW Peters N8 30y 37d v Italy Murrayfield 6 Mar 1999 Details
TJ Smith P 30y 24d v New Zealand Murrayfield 24 Nov 2001 Details
WR Gibson Fwd 30y 24d v Wales Edinburgh 26 Jan 1895 Details
GC Bulloch H 29y 358d v England Twickenham 19 Mar 2005 Details
AD Nicol SH 29y 356d v England Twickenham 3 Mar 2001 Details
JW Telfer N8 29y 348d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 28 Feb 1970 Details
JPR White F 29y 298d v Wales Millennium Stadium 9 Feb 2008 Details
JB Brown Fwd 29y 291d v England Edinburgh 13 Mar 1886 Details
FAL Laidlaw H 29y 259d v Australia Sydney 6 Jun 1970 Details
MRL Blair SH 29y 207d v New Zealand Murrayfield 13 Nov 2010 Details
IS Smith W 29y 152d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 1 Apr 1933 Details
GJ Callander H 29y 137d v Australia Murrayfield 19 Nov 1988 Details
JA Leslie C 29y 114d v Wales Millennium Stadium 18 Mar 2000 Details
TM Scott Fwd 29y 77d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 24 Feb 1900 Details
JA Beattie L 29y 76d v England Twickenham 21 Mar 1936 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Scotland v Wales at Murrayfield, Six Nations, Mar 9, 2019 [0-0]
Scotland v Ireland at Murrayfield, Six Nations, Feb 9, 2019 [13-22 FT]
Scotland v Italy at Murrayfield, Six Nations, Feb 2, 2019 [33-20 FT]