Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
RD Best H 37y 65d v New Zealand Tokyo 19 Oct 2019 Details
PJ O'Connell L 35y 356d v France Millennium Stadium 11 Oct 2015 Details
MJ Galwey L 35y 145d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 2 Mar 2002 Details
WE Crawford FB 35y 115d v Wales Lansdowne Road 12 Mar 1927 Details
WA Anderson L 34y 306d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 3 Feb 1990 Details
F Gardiner Fwd 34y 293d v France Lansdowne Road 20 Mar 1909 Details
WJ McBride L 34y 282d v Wales Cardiff 15 Mar 1975 Details
JJ Sexton FH 34y 227d v England Twickenham 23 Feb 2020 Details
DG Humphreys FH 34y 77d v Romania Lansdowne Road 26 Nov 2005 Details
TJ Kiernan FB 34y 48d v Scotland Murrayfield 24 Feb 1973 Details
EGE Reddan SH 33y 361d v Georgia Lansdowne Road 16 Nov 2014 Details
WP Duggan N8 33y 357d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 3 Mar 1984 Details
CF Fitzgerald H 33y 284d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 15 Mar 1986 Details
LFM Cullen L 33y 259d v Russia Rotorua 25 Sep 2011 Details
NJ Popplewell P 33y 238d v Canada Lansdowne Road 30 Nov 1997 Details
BG O'Driscoll C 33y 154d v New Zealand Hamilton 23 Jun 2012 Details
CMH Gibson C 33y 66d v France Parc des Princes 7 Feb 1976 Details
JPR Heaslip N8 33y 58d v Italy Rome 11 Feb 2017 Details
DJ O'Brien N8 32y 312d v England Twickenham 29 Mar 1952 Details
JF Slattery F 32y 282d v Australia Lansdowne Road 21 Nov 1981 Details
R Corrigan P 32y 213d v Samoa Apia 20 Jun 2003 Details
CJ Murphy FB 32y 142d v England Lansdowne Road 8 Feb 1947 Details
MT Bradley SH 32y 107d v France Lansdowne Road 4 Mar 1995 Details
PM Matthews F 32y 22d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 15 Feb 1992 Details
KGM Wood H 31y 286d v France Melbourne 9 Nov 2003 Details
TJ Kingston H 31y 264d v France Durban 10 Jun 1995 Details
JE Staples FB 31y 132d v Scotland Murrayfield 1 Mar 1997 Details
BJ Mullin C 31y 83d v England Lansdowne Road 21 Jan 1995 Details
PS Johns L 31y 50d v Italy Lansdowne Road 10 Apr 1999 Details
DG Lenihan L 31y 45d v Argentina Lansdowne Road 27 Oct 1990 Details
RJR O'Gara FH 31y 8d v England Twickenham 15 Mar 2008 Details
JS McCarthy F 30y 227d v England Lansdowne Road 12 Feb 1955 Details
SH Easterby F 30y 121d v Australia Lansdowne Road 19 Nov 2005 Details
SM Deering F 30y 91d v New Zealand Lansdowne Road 4 Nov 1978 Details
JA McDonald Fwd 30y 58d v Scotland Edinburgh 16 Feb 1884 Details
NAA Murphy F 30y 52d v France Lansdowne Road 15 Apr 1967 Details
A Tedford Fwd 30y 33d v England Lansdowne Road 9 Feb 1907 Details
GT Hamlet Fwd 29y 350d v France Cork 25 Mar 1911 Details
PJ O'Mahony F 29y 348d v Wales Millennium Stadium 31 Aug 2019 Details
WP Collopy P 29y 294d v Scotland Inverleith 23 Feb 1924 Details
NJ Henderson FB 29y 252d v France Colombes 19 Apr 1958 Details
SJ Best P 29y 111d v Argentina Buenos Aires 2 Jun 2007 Details
WA Mulcahy L 29y 95d v France Colombes 11 Apr 1964 Details
JS Ritchie F 29y 62d v England Twickenham 11 Feb 1956 Details
M Sugden SH 29y 31d v Wales Belfast 14 Mar 1931 Details
AR Dawson H 28y 342d v South Africa Cape Town 13 May 1961 Details
AG Foley N8 28y 333d v Georgia Lansdowne Road 28 Sep 2002 Details
R Ruddock F 28y 270d v Italy Lansdowne Road 10 Aug 2019 Details
EO Davy FH 28y 249d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 1 Apr 1933 Details
RA Lloyd FH 28y 243d v France Lansdowne Road 3 Apr 1920 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Ireland v Wales at Lansdowne Road, Six Nations, Feb 8, 2020 [24-14 FT]
Ireland v Scotland at Lansdowne Road, Feb 1, 2020 [19-12 FT]
Ireland v New Zealand at Tokyo, Rugby World Cup Quarter final, Oct 19, 2019 [14-46 FT]