Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
TH Vile SH 38y 152d v Scotland Swansea 5 Feb 1921 Details
H Uzzell H 37y 67d v Ireland Cardiff 13 Mar 1920 Details
JJ Wetter FH 36y 336d v New Zealand Swansea 29 Nov 1924 Details
GD Jenkins P 36y 9d v South Africa Millennium Stadium 26 Nov 2016 Details
ME Williams F 35y 353d v Argentina Millennium Stadium 20 Aug 2011 Details
RM Owen SH 35y 78d v Scotland Swansea 3 Feb 1912 Details
AW Jones L 35y 35d v France Stade de France 24 Oct 2020 Details
JR Stephens L 34y 341d v France Colombes 23 Mar 1957 Details
D Young P 34y 107d v Argentina Millennium Stadium 10 Nov 2001 Details
BO Male FB 34y 100d v France Colombes 9 Apr 1928 Details
JM Humphreys H 34y 23d v Ireland Millennium Stadium 22 Mar 2003 Details
WJ Trew C 33y 352d v France Parc des Princes 27 Feb 1913 Details
TGR Davies W 33y 130d v Australia Sydney 17 Jun 1978 Details
G Thomas FB 33y 66d v Fiji Nantes 29 Sep 2007 Details
AE Jenkins C 32y 365d v Ireland Cardiff 10 Mar 1928 Details
MJ Watkins H 32y 320d v Australia Cardiff 24 Nov 1984 Details
RP Jones N8 32y 254d v Tonga Millennium Stadium 22 Nov 2013 Details
JMC Lewis FH 32y 226d v Scotland Cardiff 3 Feb 1923 Details
TJ Cobner F 32y 152d v Australia Brisbane 11 Jun 1978 Details
J Bancroft FB 32y 149d v Ireland Belfast 9 Mar 1912 Details
EG Nicholls C 32y 139d v South Africa Swansea 1 Dec 1906 Details
M Taylor C 32y 104d v Canada Toronto 11 Jun 2005 Details
KJ Jones W 32y 101d v Scotland Swansea 10 Apr 1954 Details
JA Gould C 32y 91d v England Newport 9 Jan 1897 Details
H Tanner SH 32y 76d v France Colombes 26 Mar 1949 Details
BV Meredith H 31y 361d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 17 Nov 1962 Details
B Williams C 31y 334d v England Cardiff 22 Jan 1955 Details
CL Charvis F 31y 335d v Japan Millennium Stadium 26 Nov 2004 Details
ET Parker F 31y 332d v France Swansea 24 Feb 1923 Details
JJ Whitfield L 31y 316d v Scotland Inverleith 2 Feb 1924 Details
B Price L 31y 234d v Australia Sydney 21 Jun 1969 Details
N Davies C 31y 180d v France Cardiff 25 Sep 1996 Details
M Rees H 31y 176d v Barbarians Millennium Stadium 2 Jun 2012 Details
AJL Lewis C 31y 165d v Ireland Cardiff 10 Mar 1973 Details
TAW Johnson FB 31y 80d v England Twickenham 17 Jan 1925 Details
IC Evans W 30y 362d v Ireland Cardiff 18 Mar 1995 Details
DWMM Davies H 30y 359d v Romania Wrexham 27 Aug 2003 Details
RL Norster L 30y 340d v New Zealand Christchurch 28 May 1988 Details
JJV Davies C 30y 310d v Italy Rome 9 Feb 2019 Details
J Matthews C 30y 290d v France Colombes 7 Apr 1951 Details
SJ Dawes C 30y 271d v France Colombes 27 Mar 1971 Details
WJ James H 30y 260d v Ireland Cardiff 4 Apr 1987 Details
TW Pearson W 30y 245d v England Swansea 10 Jan 1903 Details
G Travers H 30y 237d v Scotland Swansea 1 Feb 1908 Details
JH Roberts C 30y 227d v Samoa Apia 23 Jun 2017 Details
WE Tamplin L 30y 224d v Australia Cardiff 20 Dec 1947 Details
J Rees FB 30y 176d v England Swansea 19 Jan 1924 Details
WR Willis SH 30y 103d v Scotland Murrayfield 5 Feb 1955 Details
WD Thomas L 30y 81d v New Zealand Cardiff 2 Dec 1972 Details
JC Tipuric F 30y 68d v Uruguay Kumamoto 13 Oct 2019 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wales v Georgia at Llanelli, Autumn Nations Cup, Nov 21, 2020 [0-0]
Wales v France at Millennium Stadium, Six Nations, Feb 22, 2020 [23-27 FT]
Wales v Italy at Millennium Stadium, Six Nations, Feb 1, 2020 [42-0 FT]