Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
GO Llewellyn L 37y 303d Bristol Bristol 27 Dec 2006 Details
N Hatley P 36y 316d London Irish Bath 4 Nov 2006 Details
AJ Windo P 36y 240d Worcester Worcester 26 Dec 2005 Details
NJ Easter N8 36y 105d Harlequins Bath 28 Nov 2014 Details
TA May C 36y 52d London Welsh Oxford 29 Mar 2015 Details
PW Volley F 35y 345d Harlequins Bath 13 Oct 2007 Details
CR Andrew C 35y 332d Newcastle Bath 16 Jan 1999 Details
LBN Dallaglio N8 35y 282d Wasps Wycombe 18 May 2008 Details
R Ibanez H 35y 227d Wasps Wycombe 1 Oct 2008 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua F 35y 171d Wasps Bath 12 Sep 2009 Details
MJ Catt C 35y 153d London Irish Reading 17 Feb 2007 Details
CI Fernandez Lobbe L 35y 151d Northampton Bath 20 Apr 2010 Details
ME Corry L 35y 84d Leicester Leicester 4 Jan 2009 Details
GS Chuter H 35y 84d Leicester Bath 1 Oct 2011 Details
MO Johnson L 34y 333d Leicester Bath 5 Feb 2005 Details
MC Burke FB 34y 209d Newcastle Newcastle 21 Oct 2007 Details
DE West H 34y 155d Leicester Bath 9 Mar 2002 Details
DA Rasmussen C 34y 143d Worcester Worcester 25 Nov 2011 Details
SW Borthwick L 34y 139d Saracens Bath 28 Feb 2014 Details
MJ Tindall C 34y 134d Gloucester Bath 1 Mar 2013 Details
RJ Baxter N8 34y 126d Exeter Bath 27 Oct 2012 Details
MZV Brooke N8 34y 83d Harlequins Bath 8 May 1999 Details
J Leonard P 34y 80d Harlequins The Stoop 2 Nov 2002 Details
DJ Wilson F 34y 65d Harlequins The Stoop 10 Mar 2001 Details
DJ Braid F 34y 21d Sale Sharks Bath 6 Mar 2015 Details
GEA Murphy FB 34y 16d Leicester Leicester 5 May 2012 Details
SA Perry SH 33y 304d Worcester Bath 3 Mar 2012 Details
D Ryan L 33y 277d Bristol Bath 25 Mar 2000 Details
WDC Carling C 33y 273d Harlequins The Stoop 11 Sep 1999 Details
DF Schofield L 33y 226d Worcester Worcester 1 Sep 2012 Details
ID Jones L 33y 145d Gloucester Gloucester 9 Sep 2000 Details
G Armstrong SH 33y 117d Newcastle Newcastle 25 Jan 2000 Details
PR Lam N8 33y 57d Newcastle Bath 25 Nov 2001 Details
PG Buxton F 33y 34d Gloucester Gloucester 24 Sep 2011 Details
A Benazzi L 33y 26d Saracens Bath 15 Sep 2001 Details
JF Pienaar F 32y 362d Saracens Watford 30 Dec 1999 Details
R Howley SH 32y 357d Wasps Wycombe 5 Oct 2003 Details
GA Skivington L 32y 339d London Irish Reading 7 Nov 2015 Details
JA Leslie C 32y 299d Northampton Bath 20 Sep 2003 Details
DJ Mallinder FB 32y 295d Sale Sharks Sale 5 Jan 1999 Details
WG Easterby SH 32y 289d Rotherham Rotherham 4 Jan 2004 Details
OJ Barkley FH 32y 289d London Welsh Bath 13 Sep 2014 Details
TJ Horan C 32y 287d Saracens Bath 1 Mar 2003 Details
CL Charvis N8 32y 272d Newcastle Newcastle 25 Sep 2005 Details
TB Reihana FB 32y 265d Northampton Bath 27 Dec 2008 Details
JT Robinson FB 32y 257d Sale Sharks Stockport 13 Apr 2007 Details
DT Danaher F 32y 255d London Irish Reading 22 Sep 2012 Details
AD Farrell C 32y 242d Saracens Watford 27 Jan 2008 Details
HFG Southwell FB 32y 237d Wasps Wycombe 6 Jan 2013 Details
CG Rowntree P 32y 225d Leicester Leicester 29 Nov 2003 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Leicester Tigers v Bath Rugby at Leicester, Aviva Premiership Round 5, Nov 29, 2015 [Match]
London Irish v Bath Rugby at Reading, Aviva Premiership Round 4, Nov 7, 2015 [14-45 FT]
Wasps v Bath Rugby at Coventry, Aviva Premiership Round 2, Oct 24, 2015 [16-9 FT]