English Premiership

/ v Saracens

/ Oldest appearance as a captain

Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
BC Thorn L 39y 286d Leicester Leicester 16 Nov 2014 Details
MJ Catt FH 37y 67d London Irish Reading 23 Nov 2008 Details
LBN Dallaglio N8 35y 254d Wasps Watford 20 Apr 2008 Details
JM Humphreys H 35y 253d Bath Rugby Northampton 6 Nov 2004 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua F 35y 242d Wasps Watford 22 Nov 2009 Details
NJ Easter N8 35y 219d Harlequins Wembley 22 Mar 2014 Details
PW Volley F 35y 164d Harlequins Watford 15 Apr 2007 Details
GS Chuter H 35y 77d Leicester Leicester 24 Sep 2011 Details
MO Johnson L 35y 39d Leicester Watford 17 Apr 2005 Details
GEA Murphy FB 34y 310d Leicester Leicester 23 Feb 2013 Details
RJ Baxter F 34y 238d Exeter Barnet 16 Feb 2013 Details
ME Corry L 34y 155d Leicester Leicester 15 Mar 2008 Details
JF Boer F 34y 153d Gloucester Gloucester 3 Apr 2010 Details
JM McDonnell P 34y 8d Newcastle Newcastle 9 Mar 2007 Details
DJ Braid F 34y 8d Sale Sharks Salford 21 Feb 2015 Details
CW Dowd P 34y 0d Wasps Watford 26 Oct 2003 Details
JEB Callard FB 33y 363d Bath Rugby Watford 30 Dec 1999 Details
DJ Wilson F 33y 348d Harlequins Watford 17 Dec 2000 Details
MVZ Wentzel L 33y 328d Wasps Wycombe 30 Mar 2013 Details
SA Perry SH 33y 296d Worcester Worcester 24 Feb 2012 Details
WDC Carling C 33y 287d Harlequins The Stoop 25 Sep 1999 Details
BW Redpath SH 33y 254d Sale Sharks Watford 13 Mar 2005 Details
PR Lam F 33y 218d Newcastle Newcastle 5 May 2002 Details
LP Deacon L 33y 215d Leicester Leicester 10 May 2014 Details
R Ibanez H 33y 197d Wasps Twickenham 2 Sep 2006 Details
D Ryan L 33y 188d Bristol Bristol 27 Dec 1999 Details
G Armstrong SH 33y 178d Newcastle Newcastle 26 Mar 2000 Details
MC Burke FB 33y 175d Newcastle Watford 17 Sep 2006 Details
ID Jones L 33y 125d Gloucester Watford 20 Aug 2000 Details
JA Leslie C 33y 123d Northampton Northampton 27 Mar 2004 Details
SJ Hooper L 33y 89d Bath Rugby London 15 Feb 2015 Details
PDA Dowson F 33y 53d Northampton London 23 Nov 2014 Details
CL Charvis N8 33y 32d Newcastle Newcastle 28 Jan 2006 Details
DJ Mallinder FB 32y 362d Sale Sharks Sale 13 Mar 1999 Details
M Salter F 32y 334d Bristol Watford 11 Jan 2009 Details
TB Reihana W 32y 314d Northampton Northampton 14 Feb 2009 Details
PJ Vickery P 32y 281d Wasps Wycombe 20 Dec 2008 Details
BB Clarke F 32y 259d Bath Rugby Watford 30 Dec 2000 Details
AP Anglesea N8 32y 185d Sale Sharks Watford 2 May 2004 Details
HFG Southwell FB 32y 174d Wasps Watford 4 Nov 2012 Details
PH Sanderson F 32y 160d Worcester Wembley 13 Feb 2010 Details
TP Hayes L 32y 115d Exeter Exeter 23 Sep 2012 Details
CD Hogg N8 32y 101d Leeds Leeds 14 Oct 2001 Details
RN Jones SH 32y 96d Bristol Bristol 14 Feb 1998 Details
JA Kronfeld F 32y 93d Leicester Watford 21 Sep 2003 Details
JT Robinson FB 32y 54d Sale Sharks Stockport 22 Sep 2006 Details
GA Skivington L 32y 31d London Irish London 3 Jan 2015 Details
SD Holmes F 32y 15d London Scot Watford 27 Dec 1998 Details
AN Vos F 31y 347d Harlequins The Stoop 22 Dec 2006 Details
GJ Morgan L 31y 339d Harlequins Watford 30 Dec 2001 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Saracens at Coventry, Aviva Premiership Round 17, Mar 8, 2015 [17-26 FT]
Sale Sharks v Saracens at Salford, Aviva Premiership Round 15, Feb 21, 2015 [14-10 FT]
Gloucester Rugby v Saracens at Gloucester, Aviva Premiership Round 13, Jan 9, 2015 [24-23 FT]