Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
BC Thorn L 39y 286d Leicester Leicester 16 Nov 2014 Details
DF O'Callaghan L 37y 324d Worcester Worcester 11 Feb 2017 Details
MJ Catt FH 37y 67d London Irish Reading 23 Nov 2008 Details
TA May C 36y 100d London Welsh Oxford 16 May 2015 Details
LBN Dallaglio N8 35y 254d Wasps Watford 20 Apr 2008 Details
JM Humphreys H 35y 253d Bath Rugby Northampton 6 Nov 2004 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua F 35y 242d Wasps Watford 22 Nov 2009 Details
NJ Easter N8 35y 219d Harlequins Wembley 22 Mar 2014 Details
GB Smith F 35y 215d Wasps Barnet 14 Feb 2016 Details
PW Volley F 35y 164d Harlequins Watford 15 Apr 2007 Details
GS Chuter H 35y 77d Leicester Leicester 24 Sep 2011 Details
MO Johnson L 35y 39d Leicester Watford 17 Apr 2005 Details
GEA Murphy FB 34y 310d Leicester Leicester 23 Feb 2013 Details
DJ Braid F 34y 246d Sale Sharks Barnet 17 Oct 2015 Details
RJ Baxter F 34y 238d Exeter Barnet 16 Feb 2013 Details
PDA Dowson N8 34y 219d Worcester Worcester 7 May 2016 Details
ME Corry L 34y 155d Leicester Leicester 15 Mar 2008 Details
JF Boer F 34y 153d Gloucester Gloucester 3 Apr 2010 Details
JM McDonnell P 34y 8d Newcastle Newcastle 9 Mar 2007 Details
CW Dowd P 34y 0d Wasps Watford 26 Oct 2003 Details
JEB Callard FB 33y 363d Bath Rugby Watford 30 Dec 1999 Details
DJ Wilson F 33y 348d Harlequins Watford 17 Dec 2000 Details
MVZ Wentzel L 33y 328d Wasps Wycombe 30 Mar 2013 Details
SA Perry SH 33y 296d Worcester Worcester 24 Feb 2012 Details
WDC Carling C 33y 287d Harlequins The Stoop 25 Sep 1999 Details
BW Redpath SH 33y 254d Sale Sharks Watford 13 Mar 2005 Details
PR Lam F 33y 218d Newcastle Newcastle 5 May 2002 Details
LP Deacon L 33y 215d Leicester Leicester 10 May 2014 Details
R Ibanez H 33y 197d Wasps Twickenham 2 Sep 2006 Details
SJ Hooper L 33y 193d Bath Rugby Twickenham 30 May 2015 Details
D Ryan L 33y 188d Bristol Bristol 27 Dec 1999 Details
G Armstrong SH 33y 178d Newcastle Newcastle 26 Mar 2000 Details
MC Burke FB 33y 175d Newcastle Watford 17 Sep 2006 Details
ID Jones L 33y 125d Gloucester Watford 20 Aug 2000 Details
JA Leslie C 33y 123d Northampton Northampton 27 Mar 2004 Details
JA Gopperth C 33y 102d Wasps Barnet 9 Oct 2016 Details
CL Charvis N8 33y 32d Newcastle Newcastle 28 Jan 2006 Details
DJ Mallinder FB 32y 362d Sale Sharks Sale 13 Mar 1999 Details
M Salter F 32y 334d Bristol Watford 11 Jan 2009 Details
GA Skivington L 32y 332d London Irish Barnet 31 Oct 2015 Details
GMW Parling L 32y 319d Exeter Exeter 11 Sep 2016 Details
BT Reihana W 32y 314d Northampton Northampton 14 Feb 2009 Details
PJ Vickery P 32y 281d Wasps Wycombe 20 Dec 2008 Details
GR Steenson FH 32y 277d Exeter Barnet 7 Jan 2017 Details
BB Clarke F 32y 259d Bath Rugby Watford 30 Dec 2000 Details
LJW Narraway F 32y 187d London Irish Harrison 12 Mar 2016 Details
AP Anglesea N8 32y 185d Sale Sharks Watford 2 May 2004 Details
HFG Southwell FB 32y 174d Wasps Watford 4 Nov 2012 Details
PH Sanderson F 32y 160d Worcester Wembley 13 Feb 2010 Details
TP Hayes L 32y 115d Exeter Exeter 23 Sep 2012 Details

Only the player's most recent appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Newcastle Falcons v Saracens at Newcastle, Aviva Premiership, Mar 5, 2017 [27-35 FT]
Gloucester Rugby v Saracens at Gloucester, Aviva Premiership, Feb 17, 2017 [31-23 FT]
Worcester Warriors v Saracens at Worcester, Aviva Premiership, Feb 11, 2017 [24-18 FT]