Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
DA Tweed L 35y 111d v France Lansdowne Road 4 Mar 1995 Details
PM McLoughlin P 34y 162d v Australia Lansdowne Road 17 Jan 1976 Details
NJ White (P) 33y 345d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 15 Aug 2015 Details
AK Horan SH 33y 124d v England Lansdowne Road 14 Feb 1920 Details
RW Wilkinson L 32y 257d v Australia Lansdowne Road 6 Dec 1947 Details
J Fogarty (H) 32y 237d v New Zealand New Plymouth 12 Jun 2010 Details
J Downey C 32y 84d v Canada Toronto 15 Jun 2013 Details
P Kenny (F) 32y 39d v New Zealand Wellington 6 Jun 1992 Details
TAO Feighery P 31y 365d v Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1977 Details
PJ Agnew (P) 31y 307d v France Parc des Princes 19 Jan 1974 Details
CR Wilkinson FB 31y 287d v Scotland Murrayfield 16 Jan 1993 Details
B Holland L 31y 101d v Canada Lansdowne Road 12 Nov 2016 Details
S McVicker L 31y 61d v England Lansdowne Road 11 Feb 1922 Details
RM Magrath W 30y 343d v Scotland Inverleith 27 Feb 1909 Details
B Carney W 30y 307d v Argentina Santa Fe 26 May 2007 Details
PP Haycock W 30y 275d v England Lansdowne Road 18 Feb 1989 Details
AJW McKeen (P) 30y 244d v Romania Lansdowne Road 15 Oct 1999 Details
JA Mattsson FB 30y 213d v England Twickenham 14 Feb 1948 Details
PI Rainey FB 30y 129d v New Zealand Lansdowne Road 18 Nov 1989 Details
JJ Fortune W 30y 6d v New Zealand Lansdowne Road 7 Dec 1963 Details
MJ Field C 29y 360d v England Twickenham 19 Feb 1994 Details
HD Hurley (P) 29y 325d v Fiji Lansdowne Road 18 Nov 1995 Details
JS Byrne (H) 29y 319d v Romania Bucharest 2 Jun 2001 Details
JA McIlrath C 29y 313d v Australia Lansdowne Road 17 Jan 1976 Details
KP McQuilkin C 29y 275d v USA Atlanta 6 Jan 1996 Details
JN Murphy H 29y 266d v Australia Lansdowne Road 31 Oct 1992 Details
MPA McCarthy F 29y 252d v Scotland Murrayfield 6 Aug 2011 Details
WA Anderson L 29y 221d v Australia Lansdowne Road 10 Nov 1984 Details
P Lane H 29y 182d v Wales Lansdowne Road 7 Mar 1964 Details
RD Morrow F 29y 161d v France Parc des Princes 1 Feb 1986 Details
MA Ross (P) 29y 153d v Canada Vancouver 23 May 2009 Details
GRP Ross N8 29y 131d v Wales Cardiff 12 Mar 1955 Details
GW Longwell (L) 29y 104d v Japan Lansdowne Road 11 Nov 2000 Details
NMJ Purcell N8 29y 90d v England Twickenham 12 Feb 1921 Details
H Wall N8 29y 88d v Scotland Murrayfield 27 Feb 1965 Details
WG Easterby SH 29y 81d v USA Manchester 10 Jun 2000 Details
TG Howe W 29y 69d v USA Manchester 10 Jun 2000 Details
WK Armstrong FH 29y 56d v South Africa Lansdowne Road 17 Dec 1960 Details
JS Ritchie F 29y 48d v France Colombes 28 Jan 1956 Details
JC Daly P 29y 44d v France Lansdowne Road 25 Jan 1947 Details
AE Doherty (C) 29y 38d v Pres XV Lansdowne Road 7 Sep 1974 Details
BJ Jackman (H) 29y 38d v Japan Osaka 12 Jun 2005 Details
JB Payne C 29y 26d v South Africa Lansdowne Road 8 Nov 2014 Details
AP Kennedy P 29y 16d v Wales Lansdowne Road 15 Feb 1986 Details
H Forrest Fwd 29y 14d v Scotland Belfast 18 Feb 1893 Details
HC Condon (FH) 29y 15d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 3 Mar 1984 Details
MJ Deering L 29y 3d v Wales Belfast 9 Mar 1929 Details
PEF Dunn L 29y 3d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 24 Feb 1923 Details
JJ Keon Fwd 28y 358d v England The Oval 24 Mar 1879 Details
DJ Fitzpatrick P 28y 333d v New Zealand Auckland 9 Jun 2012 Details

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Ireland v Russia at Kobe, Rugby World Cup, Oct 3, 2019 [0-0]
Ireland v Scotland at Yokohama, Rugby World Cup, Sep 22, 2019 [0-0]
Ireland v Wales at Lansdowne Road, 2nd Test, Sep 7, 2019 [0-0]