Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
BC Thorn L 40y 102d Leicester Leicester 16 May 2015 Details
RGR Dawe (H) 38y 248d Sale Sharks Sale 10 May 1998 Details
NJ Hines L 38y 42d Sale Sharks Salford 10 Jan 2015 Details
CJ Budgen (P) 37y 254d Exeter Northampton 2 Oct 2010 Details
O Sourgens P 37y 232d Worcester Northampton 6 Sep 2009 Details
IM Gough L 36y 358d London Irish Reading 3 Nov 2013 Details
DF O'Callaghan L 36y 206d Worcester Worcester 16 Oct 2015 Details
PJP Sella C 36y 89d Saracens Watford 14 May 1998 Details
PG Capdevielle (P) 36y 18d Gloucester Northampton 17 Apr 2010 Details
N Frankland (H) 35y 272d Newcastle Newcastle 15 Nov 1998 Details
AR Jones (P) 35y 214d Harlequins The Stoop 8 Oct 2016 Details
GB Smith F 35y 199d Wasps Northampton 29 Jan 2016 Details
R Underwood W 35y 120d Bedford Northampton 17 Oct 1998 Details
SM Jones FH 35y 105d Wasps Wycombe 23 Mar 2013 Details
ST Parker C 35y 89d London Welsh Northampton 24 Nov 2012 Details
DA Scully SH 35y 40d Rotherham Rotherham 16 Sep 2000 Details
AJ Yates P 35y 13d Harlequins The Stoop 18 Jan 1998 Details
NM Lyman P 34y 359d Worcester Worcester 30 Apr 2005 Details
LC Charteris (L) 34y 337d Bath Rugby Bath 9 Feb 2018 Details
SJ Macleod (L) 34y 265d Newcastle Northampton 23 Nov 2013 Details
DF Cronin L 34y 254d Wasps Northampton 27 Dec 1997 Details
PAF Adams L 34y 238d Bristol Bristol 26 Oct 1997 Details
NJ Schuster C 34y 238d Harlequins Northampton 12 Sep 1998 Details
BR Sheehan (SH) 34y 236d Wasps Northampton 10 May 2014 Details
SL Tonga'uiha P 34y 234d Bristol Bristol 11 Sep 2016 Details
CR Andrew FH 34y 232d Newcastle Newcastle 8 Oct 1997 Details
JWR Wilson FB 34y 217d Bath Rugby Bath 9 Feb 2018 Details
JBG Harrison L 34y 216d Bath Rugby Northampton 22 Nov 2008 Details
JS Byrne (H) 34y 215d Saracens Northampton 18 Feb 2006 Details
MT Umaga FB 34y 210d Rotherham Rotherham 16 Sep 2000 Details
JA Farias Cabello F 34y 207d London Welsh Oxford 14 Apr 2013 Details
F van der Merwe L 34y 193d London Irish Reading 24 Sep 2017 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua (F) 34y 179d Wasps Northampton 20 Sep 2008 Details
KB Putt SH 34y 161d London Irish Northampton 5 Jan 1999 Details
BJ Cockbain L 34y 119d Sale Sharks Northampton 14 Mar 2009 Details
WM Phillips SH 34y 116d Sale Sharks Northampton 23 Dec 2016 Details
KF Fotuali'i SH 34y 104d Bath Rugby Northampton 3 Sep 2016 Details
T Pisi FH 34y 85d Bristol Bristol 11 Sep 2016 Details
PA Stringer SH 34y 82d Saracens Watford 4 Mar 2012 Details
V Ma'asi (H) 34y 57d Leeds Northampton 26 Sep 2009 Details
MR Brewer N8 34y 44d W Hartlepool Hartlepool 20 Dec 1998 Details
JM McDonnell P 34y 38d Newcastle Newcastle 8 Apr 2007 Details
DR Tuiavi'i (L) 34y 24d Rotherham Northampton 7 Feb 2004 Details
MP Lynagh FH 34y 14d Saracens Northampton 8 Nov 1997 Details
J Downey C 34y 4d Wasps Northampton 27 Mar 2015 Details
BP Lima C 33y 341d Bristol Northampton 1 Jan 2006 Details
TG Court P 33y 332d London Irish Reading 4 Oct 2014 Details
IC Evans W 33y 284d Bath Rugby Bath 30 Dec 1997 Details
RSL Ma'afu P 33y 281d Gloucester Gloucester 1 Jan 2017 Details
O Latu Langilangi F 33y 247d Newcastle Milton Keynes 24 Oct 2015 Details

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Northampton Saints at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, Apr 29, 2018 [36-29 FT]
Leicester Tigers v Northampton Saints at Leicester, Aviva Premiership, Apr 14, 2018 [21-27 FT]
Newcastle Falcons v Northampton Saints at Newcastle, Aviva Premiership, Mar 24, 2018 [25-22 FT]