Player Pos Age Tries Team Opposition Ground Date Match
CJ Budgen (P) 39y 287d 1 Exeter v Worcester Exeter 3 Nov 2012 Details
MT Umaga C 38y 79d 1 Rotherham v Newcastle Sheffield 8 May 2004 Details
NJ Hines L 38y 28d 1 Sale Sharks v Leicester Salford 27 Dec 2014 Details
GO Llewellyn L 37y 303d 1 Bristol v Bath Rugby Bristol 27 Dec 2006 Details
MJ Catt FH 37y 234d 1 London Irish v Harlequins The Stoop 9 May 2009 Details
NA de Kock SH 37y 169d 1 Saracens v Worcester Worcester 7 May 2016 Details
PA Stringer SH 37y 161d 1 Bath Rugby v Leicester Bath 23 May 2015 Details
NJ Easter N8 37y 134d 1 Harlequins v Gloucester Twickenham 27 Dec 2015 Details
DM Davies H 37y 24d 1 Leicester v Bath Rugby Bath 26 Sep 2009 Details
DIW Hilton P 36y 356d 1 Bristol v Northampton Bristol 25 Mar 2007 Details
CH Nieto (P) 36y 351d 1 Saracens v Worcester Barnet 14 Apr 2013 Details
DF O'Callaghan L 36y 326d 1 Worcester v Bath Rugby Worcester 13 Feb 2016 Details
SB Betsen Tchoua (F) 36y 283d 1 Wasps v Newcastle Wycombe 2 Jan 2011 Details
AJ Windo P 36y 246d 1 Worcester v Newcastle Newcastle 1 Jan 2006 Details
NJ Evans FH 36y 243d 1 Harlequins v Exeter The Stoop 14 Apr 2017 Details
OPC Azam H 36y 180d 1 Gloucester v Northampton Gloucester 19 Apr 2011 Details
CI Fernandez Lobbe L 36y 168d 1 Bath Rugby v Newcastle Bath 7 May 2011 Details
NA Back F 36y 104d 1 Leicester v Wasps Leicester 30 Apr 2005 Details
C Labit (N8) 36y 63d 1 Northampton v Wasps Wycombe 15 Apr 2007 Details
S Baikeinuku C 36y 55d 1 Leicester v Sale Sharks Leicester 28 Feb 2015 Details
NJ Schuster C 36y 54d 1 Harlequins v Bristol Bristol 11 Mar 2000 Details
AG Bateman C 36y 25d 1 Northampton v Saracens Northampton 31 Mar 2001 Details
PJP Sella C 36y 0d 1 Saracens v Bristol Bristol 14 Feb 1998 Details
DSC Bell P 35y 359d 1 Bath Rugby v Sale Sharks Bath 25 Sep 2010 Details
JM White P 35y 346d 1 Leicester v Bristol Leicester 25 Apr 2009 Details
CM Gillies L 35y 344d 1 Worcester v Exeter Worcester 14 Apr 2012 Details
C Festuccia H 35y 336d 1 Wasps v Exeter Exeter 21 May 2016 Details
PVW du Plessis (P) 35y 333d 2 Saracens v Bristol Barnet 29 Apr 2017 Details
SB Brits H 35y 327d 1 Saracens v Harlequins Wembley 8 Apr 2017 Details
G Graham P 35y 324d 1 Newcastle v Saracens Watford 9 Dec 2001 Details
R Underwood (W) 35y 323d 1 Bedford v London Irish Bedford 8 May 1999 Details
CR Andrew FH 35y 297d 1 Newcastle v Leicester Leicester 12 Dec 1998 Details
T Fuga H 35y 285d 1 Harlequins v Newcastle The Stoop 25 Apr 2009 Details
GS Chuter H 35y 265d 1 Leicester v Worcester Leicester 30 Mar 2012 Details
DJ Garforth P 35y 262d 1 Leicester v Sale Sharks Leicester 27 Dec 2001 Details
ET Lewis-Roberts (P) 35y 260d 1 Sale Sharks v Bristol Bristol 30 Oct 2016 Details
GB Smith F 35y 257d 1 Wasps v Newcastle Newcastle 27 Mar 2016 Details
SJ Bachop FH 35y 243d 1 Leeds v Gloucester Gloucester 1 Dec 2001 Details
SD Shaw L 35y 236d 1 Wasps v Gloucester Wycombe 25 Apr 2009 Details
SM Haag L 35y 229d 1 Bath Rugby v London Irish Reading 14 Mar 2001 Details
DN Baldwin (L) 35y 209d 1 Sale Sharks v Harlequins The Stoop 31 Mar 2001 Details
HD Vyvyan (F) 35y 197d 1 Saracens v Sale Sharks Stockport 23 Mar 2012 Details
KG Horstmann F 35y 185d 1 Exeter v Sale Sharks Exeter 25 Mar 2017 Details
VE Ubogu P 35y 185d 1 Bath Rugby v London Irish The Stoop 11 Mar 2000 Details
KB Putt SH 35y 182d 1 London Irish v Northampton The Stoop 26 Jan 2000 Details
KP Yates P 35y 179d 1 Saracens v Bath Rugby Bath 3 May 2008 Details
DE West H 35y 162d 2 Leicester v Newcastle Newcastle 16 Mar 2003 Details
CMA Sheasby N8 35y 159d 1 London Irish v Newcastle Newcastle 8 May 2002 Details
MJ Tindall C 35y 155d 1 Gloucester v Newcastle Gloucester 22 Mar 2014 Details
C Hala'ufia (L) 35y 149d 1 London Irish v Bath Rugby Reading 22 Mar 2014 Details

Only the player's last match as a tryscorer listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Leicester Tigers at Coventry, Aviva Premiership Semi final, May 20, 2017 [21-20 FT]
Exeter Chiefs v Saracens at Exeter, Aviva Premiership Semi final, May 20, 2017 [18-16 FT]
Bristol Rugby v Newcastle Falcons at Bristol, Aviva Premiership, May 6, 2017 [27-39 FT]
Gloucester Rugby v Exeter Chiefs at Gloucester, Aviva Premiership, May 6, 2017 [20-34 FT]
Northampton Saints v Harlequins at Northampton, Aviva Premiership, May 6, 2017 [22-20 FT]
Sale Sharks v Bath Rugby at Salford, Aviva Premiership, May 6, 2017 [27-24 FT]
Wasps v Saracens at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, May 6, 2017 [35-15 FT]
Worcester Warriors v Leicester Tigers at Worcester, Aviva Premiership, May 6, 2017 [23-28 FT]