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Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
T Palamo (W) 19y 8d USA v South Africa Montpellier 30 Sep 2007 Details
U Va'enuku C 19y 51d Tonga v France Pretoria 26 May 1995 Details
FE Mendez Azpillaga P 19y 63d Argentina v Australia Llanelli 4 Oct 1991 Details
CD Brown FH 19y 111d Zimbabwe v Romania Auckland 23 May 1987 Details
GP North W 19y 151d Wales v South Africa Wellington 11 Sep 2011 Details
E Puleitu FH 19y 201d Samoa v England Durban 4 Jun 1995 Details
GM Snyder (P) 19y 220d Zimbabwe v Japan Belfast 14 Oct 1991 Details
C Raducanu N8 19y 233d Romania v Zimbabwe Auckland 23 May 1987 Details
GW D'Arcy (C) 19y 247d Ireland v Romania Lansdowne Road 15 Oct 1999 Details
T Masuho W 19y 249d Japan v Scotland Murrayfield 5 Oct 1991 Details
JWC Roff W 19y 253d Australia v Canada Port Elizabeth 31 May 1995 Details
BP Lima W 19y 254d Samoa v Wales Cardiff 6 Oct 1991 Details
M Kvirikashvili (FH) 19y 289d Georgia v England Perth 12 Oct 2003 Details
N Leleimalefaga (P) 19y 310d Samoa v USA Saint-Etienne 26 Sep 2007 Details
D Young P 19y 317d Wales v England Brisbane 8 Jun 1987 Details
GL Rees FH 19y 328d Canada v Tonga Napier 24 May 1987 Details
RE Webster F 19y 344d Wales v Australia Rotorua 18 Jun 1987 Details
L Arbizu FH 20y 5d Argentina v Australia Llanelli 4 Oct 1991 Details
FJ Irarrazaval F 20y 8d Argentina v Samoa Pontypridd 13 Oct 1991 Details
JT Lomu W 20y 15d New Zealand v Ireland Johannesburg 27 May 1995 Details
SM Parisse (N8) 20y 29d Italy v New Zealand Melbourne 11 Oct 2003 Details
GE Leaupepe (W) 20y 33d Samoa v Argentina East London 30 May 1995 Details
S Salvat FB 20y 49d Argentina v Fiji Hamilton 24 May 1987 Details
N Dragos Dima (P) 20y 65d Romania v Australia Belfast 3 Oct 1999 Details
I Ivancuic (FH) 20y 78d Romania v Fiji Brive la Gaillarde 12 Oct 1991 Details
FC Tatu (F) 20y 102d Romania v Argentina Sydney 22 Oct 2003 Details
EM Tuilagi C 20y 115d England v Argentina Dunedin 10 Sep 2011 Details
FPL Steyn (C) 20y 118d South Africa v Samoa Parc des Princes 9 Sep 2007 Details
H Bennett (H) 20y 123d Wales v Canada Melbourne 12 Oct 2003 Details
JT Rokocoko W 20y 127d New Zealand v Italy Melbourne 11 Oct 2003 Details
JP Wilkinson FH 20y 130d England v Italy Twickenham 2 Oct 1999 Details
B Aka L 20y 131d Ivory Coast v France Rustenberg 30 May 1995 Details
K Ono FH 20y 144d Japan v Australia Lyon 8 Sep 2007 Details
JP Theron (L) 20y 147d Namibia v Fiji Beziers 1 Oct 1999 Details
M Bergamasco F 20y 154d Italy v England Twickenham 2 Oct 1999 Details
BAC Atiga (C) 20y 172d New Zealand v Tonga Brisbane 24 Oct 2003 Details
N Trenkel (C) 20y 175d Canada v Australia Bordeaux 29 Sep 2007 Details
SWP Burger (N8) 20y 194d South Africa v Georgia Sydney 24 Oct 2003 Details
D Simplikevich W 20y 198d Russia v Ireland Rotorua 25 Sep 2011 Details
J Fourie C 20y 221d South Africa v Uruguay Perth 11 Oct 2003 Details
E Taione W 20y 222d Tonga v Italy Leicester 10 Oct 1999 Details
M Bergamasco W 20y 230d Italy v New Zealand Melbourne 11 Oct 2003 Details
JM Doussain (SH) 20y 253d France v New Zealand Auckland 23 Oct 2011 Details
Y Sakuraba L 20y 254d Japan v Australia Sydney 3 Jun 1987 Details
BG O'Driscoll C 20y 254d Ireland v USA Lansdowne Road 2 Oct 1999 Details
IS Gibbs C 20y 256d Wales v Samoa Cardiff 6 Oct 1991 Details
M Cuttitta W 20y 262d Italy v New Zealand Auckland 22 May 1987 Details
P Vaccari W 20y 263d Italy v USA Otley 5 Oct 1991 Details
BA Smith SH 20y 264d Australia v USA Brisbane 31 May 1987 Details
T Benvenuti W 20y 273d Italy v Australia North Shore City 11 Sep 2011 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
New Zealand v France at Auckland, IRB Rugby World Cup Final, Oct 23, 2011 [8-7 FT]
Australia v Wales at Auckland, IRB Rugby World Cup, Oct 21, 2011 [21-18 FT]
New Zealand v Australia at Auckland, IRB Rugby World Cup Semi final, Oct 16, 2011 [20-6 FT]