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Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
IA Martin Goenaga (W) 16y 141d Spain v Georgia Madrid 4 Mar 2000 Details
G Chiriac (F) 16y 172d Romania v Belgium Bucharest 19 Apr 1996 Details
P Vinci IV FH 16y 176d Italy v Spain Barcelona 20 May 1929 Details
R Stanca (SH) 16y 186d Romania v France Lourdes 22 Oct 1997 Details
E Sfetescu H 16y 308d Romania v France Colombes 4 May 1924 Details
D Reyes W 17y 3d Uruguay v Argentina Montevideo 27 Sep 1997 Details
M Urjukashvili W 17y 18d Georgia v Croatia Tbilisi 12 Oct 1997 Details
NJ Finlay 3Q 17y 36d Scotland v England Edinburgh 8 Mar 1875 Details
C Reid Fwd 17y 36d Scotland v Ireland Belfast 19 Feb 1881 Details
R Bredbury FH 17y 141d Hong Kong v Thailand Kuala Lumpur 25 Oct 1994 Details
A Korobeynikov - 17y 153d Russia v Spain Madrid 14 Apr 1996 Details
FS Hewitt FH 17y 157d Ireland v Wales Cardiff 8 Mar 1924 Details
WG Neilson Fwd 17y 167d Scotland v England Edinburgh 17 Mar 1894 Details
W Neilson 3Q 17y 173d Scotland v Wales Edinburgh 7 Feb 1891 Details
RH Fowler Fwd 17y 174d England v Ireland The Oval 5 Feb 1877 Details
P Vidrascu - 17y ?d Romania v USA Colombes 1919 Details
JMT Quirke SH 17y 229d Ireland v England Twickenham 10 Feb 1962 Details
KG MacLeod C 17y 289d Scotland v New Zealand Inverleith 18 Nov 1905 Details
M Garcia L 17y 290d Spain v Uruguay Montevideo 1 Sep 2001 Details
EB Vunipola FH 17y 292d Tonga v Fiji Nuku A'lofa 24 Mar 1990 Details
S Soare N8 17y 308d Romania v France Colombes 4 May 1924 Details
LM Balfour-Melville FB 17y 333d Scotland v England The Oval 5 Feb 1872 Details
AJ Blanco Frade L 17y 338d Spain v Zimbabwe Windhoek 14 Nov 2012 Details
A Arthur Fwd 17y 339d Scotland v England Edinburgh 8 Mar 1875 Details
RW Irvine Fwd 17y 342d Scotland v England Edinburgh 27 Mar 1871 Details
GM Jorge W 17y 349d Argentina v Brazil Montevideo 8 Oct 1989 Details
D Aguirre W 17y 363d Uruguay v Chile Montevideo 20 Sep 1992 Details
C Dourthe C 18y 7d France v Romania Bucharest 27 Nov 1966 Details
GH McAllan FB 18y 13d Ireland v Scotland Lansdowne Road 15 Feb 1896 Details
AJ Hartley W 18y 18d South Africa v Britain Cape Town 5 Sep 1891 Details
TWJ Prydie W 18y 25d Wales v Italy Millennium Stadium 20 Mar 2010 Details
TF Paris W 18y 31d Canada v Belgium Brussels 6 Nov 2010 Details
DM Grant W 18y 36d Scotland v Wales Inverleith 4 Feb 1911 Details
CT Arries (FH) 18y 36d Namibia v Kenya Windhoek 16 Nov 2013 Details
I Chkhikvadze (W) 18y 38d Georgia v Chile Tbilisi 12 Nov 2005 Details
NW Biggs C 18y 49d Wales v NZ Natives Swansea 22 Dec 1888 Details
MW Walter C 18y 51d Scotland v Ireland Lansdowne Road 24 Feb 1906 Details
EG Forrest Fwd 18y 57d Ireland v NZ Natives Lansdowne Road 1 Dec 1888 Details
AB Burge F 18y 67d Australia v New Zealand Sydney 10 Aug 1907 Details
C Raducanu F 18y 66d Romania v Italy L'Aquila 7 Dec 1985 Details
AH Bailey C 18y 68d Ireland v Wales Swansea 10 Mar 1934 Details
WJ White W 18y 74d Australia v NZ XV Wellington 5 Sep 1928 Details
GPS Macpherson C 18y 78d Scotland v France Colombes 2 Jan 1922 Details
DW Howells W 18y 78d Wales v Japan Osaka 8 Jun 2013 Details
F Lasserre FB 18y 84d France v Ireland Parc des Princes 1 Jan 1914 Details
FE Mendez Azpillaga P 18y 86d Argentina v Ireland Lansdowne Road 27 Oct 1990 Details
HB Wright Fwd 18y 88d Scotland v Wales Newport 3 Feb 1894 Details
BW Ford W 18y 90d Australia v New Zealand Brisbane 1 Jun 1957 Details
P Dizabo C 18y 99d France v Australia Colombes 11 Jan 1948 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
United States of America v New Zealand at Chicago, Nov 1, 2014 [Match]
Namibia v Germany at Windhoek, Oct 29, 2014 [58-20 FT]
Thailand v Malaysia at Bangkok, 2nd Test, Oct 28, 2014 [12-29 FT]