Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
DJ Doherty (W) 17y 95d Leeds Leeds 2 May 2004 Details
RJ Dawson (SH) 18y 100d Newcastle Milton Keynes 24 Oct 2015 Details
AP Winnan FB 18y 179d Saracens Watford 23 Sep 2001 Details
JS Hoyle (C) 18y 192d Sale Sharks Stockport 12 Sep 2003 Details
JD Simpson-Daniel (C) 18y 200d Gloucester Northampton 16 Dec 2000 Details
DAS Sisi (F) 18y 224d London Irish Northampton 17 Sep 2011 Details
M Smith FH 18y 228d Harlequins Northampton 30 Sep 2017 Details
BA Curry (F) 18y 261d Sale Sharks Salford 3 Mar 2017 Details
TM Curry (F) 18y 261d Sale Sharks Salford 3 Mar 2017 Details
JS Elphick (W) 18y 271d Bedford Bedford 4 Dec 1999 Details
SG James (C) 18y 291d Sale Sharks Northampton 20 Apr 2013 Details
MPJ Haley FB 18y 296d Sale Sharks Northampton 20 Apr 2013 Details
J Turner-Hall C 18y 303d Harlequins The Stoop 4 Nov 2006 Details
S Phillips (P) 18y 319d Saracens Watford 17 May 2000 Details
TFP Brophy Clews (W) 18y 331d London Irish Northampton 13 Feb 2016 Details
DJ Robson (SH) 18y 349d Gloucester Northampton 26 Feb 2011 Details
L James C 18y 350d Sale Sharks Northampton 3 Mar 2018 Details
JBA Joseph C 18y 352d London Irish Reading 8 May 2010 Details
TDW Homer FB 18y 355d London Irish Reading 22 Mar 2009 Details
J Forster (P) 18y 357d Gloucester Northampton 11 Mar 2006 Details
NA Isiekwe L 18y 361d Saracens Milton Keynes 16 Apr 2017 Details
GR Maclure (C) 19y 3d W Hartlepool Hartlepool 20 Dec 1998 Details
MA Simpson-Daniel (SH) 19y 10d Sale Sharks Northampton 21 Feb 2004 Details
DL Flatman P 19y 16d Saracens Northampton 6 Feb 1999 Details
MWR Street (P) 19y 18d Exeter Exeter 24 Feb 2018 Details
CD Bell C 19y 19d Harlequins The Stoop 26 Jan 2002 Details
HM Thomas (P) 19y 20d Sale Sharks Stockport 19 Nov 2010 Details
DS Care (SH) 19y 26d Leeds Northampton 28 Jan 2006 Details
GM Jones (H) 19y 33d Sale Sharks Northampton 6 May 2006 Details
WJS Addison C 19y 34d Sale Sharks Stockport 23 Sep 2011 Details
PJ Devlin C 19y 35d Sale Sharks Northampton 25 Mar 2000 Details
TR Armes (L) 19y 42d Leicester Leicester 31 Oct 2009 Details
TRJ Lawy F 19y 49d Saracens Northampton 27 Mar 2004 Details
AJ Powell C 19y 48d Saracens Northampton 18 Feb 2006 Details
M Kayson (C) 19y 49d Bath Rugby Bath 30 Dec 1997 Details
DG Lewis (FH) 19y 49d Wasps Northampton 9 May 2000 Details
AR Forsyth (C) 19y 52d Leicester Leicester 31 Oct 2009 Details
OJ Smith W 19y 60d Leicester Northampton 13 Oct 2001 Details
DC Tait (L) 19y 66d Sale Sharks Stockport 9 Sep 2006 Details
JBR Williams C 19y 69d London Irish Reading 26 Dec 2015 Details
ID Thornley C 19y 69d Sale Sharks Stockport 19 Nov 2010 Details
RA Furniss (P) 19y 78d Worcester Northampton 5 May 2012 Details
EJ Thrower (FB) 19y 78d London Irish Reading 18 Nov 2001 Details
A Sanderson (L) 19y 87d Sale Sharks Sale 2 Jan 1999 Details
DJM Waldouck C 19y 87d Wasps Northampton 22 Dec 2006 Details
KP Campbell SH 19y 90d London Irish The Avenue 24 Oct 1998 Details
A Adebayo (FH) 19y 97d Bath Rugby Northampton 1 May 1999 Details
BT Russell N8 19y 107d Saracens Northampton 27 Apr 2002 Details
CD Green L 19y 108d Leicester Leicester 31 Oct 2009 Details
JR Shillcock FH 19y 109d Worcester Worcester 18 Nov 2016 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Northampton Saints at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, Apr 29, 2018 [36-29 FT]
Leicester Tigers v Northampton Saints at Leicester, Aviva Premiership, Apr 14, 2018 [21-27 FT]
Newcastle Falcons v Northampton Saints at Newcastle, Aviva Premiership, Mar 24, 2018 [25-22 FT]