Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
DJ Doherty W 18y 28d Leeds Leeds 25 Feb 2005 Details
BR Youngs SH 18y 39d Leicester Watford 14 Oct 2007 Details
CT Clark F 18y 112d Leeds Leeds 30 Sep 2007 Details
BA Curry (F) 18y 158d Sale Sharks Salford 20 Nov 2016 Details
L James (W) 18y 189d Sale Sharks Barnet 23 Sep 2017 Details
GT Ford FH 18y 192d Leicester Leicester 24 Sep 2011 Details
JAW Haskell (F) 18y 207d Wasps Watford 26 Oct 2003 Details
TP Ryder L 18y 212d Leicester Watford 21 Sep 2003 Details
TDW Homer W 18y 236d London Irish Reading 23 Nov 2008 Details
CD Green (L) 18y 249d Leicester Leicester 21 Mar 2009 Details
DS Care (SH) 18y 252d Leeds Watford 11 Sep 2005 Details
MJM Tait W 18y 254d Newcastle Newcastle 17 Oct 2004 Details
TM Curry (F) 18y 255d Sale Sharks Barnet 25 Feb 2017 Details
TD Willis (L) 18y 263d Wasps Barnet 8 Oct 2017 Details
TLG Fowlie (FB) 18y 291d London Irish Barnet 8 Feb 2014 Details
TEC Howe W 18y 299d Wasps Wycombe 29 Mar 2014 Details
VML Vunipola (N8) 18y 304d Wasps Twickenham 3 Sep 2011 Details
JP Wilkinson C 18y 304d Newcastle Newcastle 25 Mar 1998 Details
CD Bell C 18y 313d Harlequins The Stoop 16 Nov 2001 Details
NJ Cox (P) 18y 322d Gloucester Gloucester 18 Nov 2000 Details
RG Mills (FH) 18y 329d Gloucester Watford 24 Apr 2011 Details
A Sanderson (F) 18y 348d Sale Sharks Watford 20 Sep 1998 Details
IR Balshaw (FB) 18y 361d Bath Rugby Bath 10 Apr 1998 Details
BA Irving FH 18y 361d London Scot Watford 27 Dec 1998 Details
JWR Basham (N8) 19y 12d London Irish Reading 29 Apr 2018 Details
LAJ Eves C 19y 29d Bristol Milton Keynes 10 May 2008 Details
K Brookes (P) 19y 36d Newcastle Newcastle 4 Oct 2009 Details
M Smith (FH) 19y 38d Harlequins London 24 Mar 2018 Details
MPT Cusack (H) 19y 55d Leeds Watford 1 Jan 2004 Details
BC Cohen W 19y 55d Northampton Northampton 8 Nov 1997 Details
MJ Tindall C 19y 57d Bath Rugby Watford 14 Dec 1997 Details
A Adebayo (FB) 19y 63d Bath Rugby Watford 28 Mar 1999 Details
HM Thomas (P) 19y 64d Sale Sharks Stockport 2 Jan 2011 Details
OJ Smith W 19y 67d Leicester Leicester 20 Oct 2001 Details
SW Borthwick L 19y 68d Bath Rugby Bath 19 Dec 1998 Details
JJE Grayson (FB) 19y 68d Northampton Twickenham 2 Sep 2017 Details
TW Varndell W 19y 72d Leicester Leicester 27 Nov 2004 Details
WJS Addison W 19y 78d Sale Sharks Watford 6 Nov 2011 Details
DC Tait (F) 19y 79d Sale Sharks Stockport 22 Sep 2006 Details
EJ Thrower (C) 19y 82d London Irish Watford 22 Nov 2001 Details
AO Allen C 19y 86d Gloucester Gloucester 26 Nov 2005 Details
JH Elliott W 19y 87d Northampton Northampton 26 Nov 2011 Details
JK Duffy (SH) 19y 94d Sale Sharks Watford 13 Mar 2005 Details
JD Simpson-Daniel (FB) 19y 101d Gloucester Watford 8 Sep 2001 Details
JBA Joseph (W) 19y 106d London Irish Twickenham 4 Sep 2010 Details
TJW Visser W 19y 111d Newcastle Watford 17 Sep 2006 Details
WG Evans (F) 19y 114d Leicester Barnet 21 May 2016 Details
EF Daly W 19y 127d Wasps Wycombe 12 Feb 2012 Details
WA Kay (H) 19y 139d Newcastle Newcastle 14 Sep 2003 Details
CJ Stuart-Smith (SH) 19y 141d Gloucester Gloucester 5 Oct 2002 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
London Irish v Saracens at Reading, Aviva Premiership, Apr 29, 2018 [14-51 FT]
Northampton Saints v Saracens at Northampton, Aviva Premiership, Apr 7, 2018 [13-63 FT]
Exeter Chiefs v Saracens at Exeter, Aviva Premiership, Mar 4, 2018 [24-12 FT]