Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
DJ Doherty (W) 17y 95d Leeds v Northampton Leeds 2 May 2004 Details
BJ White (W) 17y 151d Leicester v Harlequins Leicester 25 Oct 2015 Details
AKC Watson (W) 17y 210d London Irish v Newcastle Reading 24 Sep 2011 Details
BR Youngs (SH) 17y 231d Leicester v Bristol Bristol 24 Apr 2007 Details
GT Ford (C) 17y 256d Leicester v Newcastle Leicester 27 Nov 2010 Details
CAC Watson (C) 17y 311d London Irish v Gloucester Gloucester 9 May 2015 Details
OJ Smith (C) 18y 33d Leicester v London Irish Leicester 16 Sep 2000 Details
EF Daly (W) 18y 50d Wasps v Bath Rugby Bath 27 Nov 2010 Details
LM Rees-Zammit (W) 18y 70d Gloucester v Bath Rugby Gloucester 13 Apr 2019 Details
TA Rock (C) 18y 73d Leeds v London Irish Leeds 8 Sep 2002 Details
JH Elliott W 18y 80d Northampton v Sale Sharks Stockport 19 Nov 2010 Details
MJM Tait W 18y 86d Newcastle v London Irish Newcastle 2 May 2004 Details
FNO Steward (W) 18y 93d Leicester v Sale Sharks Salford 8 Mar 2019 Details
RJ Dawson (SH) 18y 100d Newcastle v Northampton Milton Keynes 24 Oct 2015 Details
CT Clark F 18y 112d Leeds v Saracens Leeds 30 Sep 2007 Details
JR Chisholm (N8) 18y 112d Harlequins v Newcastle Newcastle 1 Dec 2013 Details
TM Curry (F) 18y 137d Sale Sharks v Bristol Bristol 30 Oct 2016 Details
DI Lewis (SH) 18y 153d Gloucester v Worcester Gloucester 29 Sep 2007 Details
MC Watson (W) 18y 154d London Irish v Bath Rugby Bath 28 Nov 2009 Details
AP Winnan FB 18y 158d Saracens v Wasps Loftus Road 2 Sep 2001 Details
BA Curry (F) 18y 158d Sale Sharks v Saracens Salford 20 Nov 2016 Details
JAW Haskell F 18y 164d Wasps v Harlequins The Stoop 13 Sep 2003 Details
VML Vunipola (F) 18y 165d Wasps v Leeds Wycombe 17 Apr 2011 Details
S Stegmann (SH) 18y 170d Harlequins v Newcastle Newcastle 29 Sep 2007 Details
KNJS Sinckler (P) 18y 171d Harlequins v Gloucester The Stoop 17 Sep 2011 Details
SJL Maunder (SH) 18y 177d Exeter v Sale Sharks Exeter 15 Sep 2018 Details
JP Gaskell (L) 18y 178d Sale Sharks v Worcester Stockport 14 Nov 2008 Details
JJ Clark (H) 18y 180d London Irish v Bristol Reading 30 Mar 2008 Details
IR Balshaw FB 18y 187d Bath Rugby v Bristol Bath 18 Oct 1997 Details
LD James (W) 18y 189d Sale Sharks v Saracens Barnet 23 Sep 2017 Details
JS Hoyle (C) 18y 192d Sale Sharks v Northampton Stockport 12 Sep 2003 Details
GP Kitchener (L) 18y 196d Worcester v Wasps Wycombe 12 Apr 2008 Details
I Lloyd (FB) 18y 196d Bristol v Bath Rugby Bristol 18 Oct 2019 Details
DG Wilson (P) 18y 199d Newcastle v Bath Rugby Newcastle 25 Oct 2003 Details
JD Simpson-Daniel (C) 18y 200d Gloucester v Northampton Northampton 16 Dec 2000 Details
M Smith FH 18y 200d Harlequins v London Irish Twickenham 2 Sep 2017 Details
AJ Goode (FH) 18y 204d Leicester v Richmond Leicester 24 Oct 1998 Details
CDJ Sharples (C) 18y 204d Gloucester v London Irish Gloucester 8 Mar 2008 Details
AD Cadwallader (FB) 18y 209d Bristol v Harlequins The Stoop 28 Oct 1999 Details
TP Ryder L 18y 212d Leicester v Saracens Watford 21 Sep 2003 Details
RN Teague FB 18y 213d Gloucester v Rotherham Gloucester 13 Sep 2003 Details
SK Steele (SH) 18y 216d Leicester v Newcastle Leicester 25 Feb 2012 Details
JP Wilkinson (C) 18y 216d Newcastle v Bristol Bristol 27 Dec 1997 Details
OH Sleightholme (W) 18y 218d Northampton v Wasps Northampton 17 Nov 2018 Details
CR Moriarty (L) 18y 220d Gloucester v Sale Sharks Gloucester 24 Nov 2012 Details
RW Miller FH 18y 224d Newcastle v Bristol Newcastle 16 Mar 2008 Details
DAS Sisi (F) 18y 224d London Irish v Northampton Northampton 17 Sep 2011 Details
MJ Garvey (W) 18y 224d Gloucester v Leeds Gloucester 1 Dec 2001 Details
WJS Addison (W) 18y 231d Sale Sharks v Gloucester Stockport 8 Apr 2011 Details
TJ Curtis (FH) 18y 235d Sale Sharks v Leicester Salford 21 Feb 2020 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Bristol Bears at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, Nov 22, 2020 [23-20 FT]
Leicester Tigers v Gloucester Rugby at Leicester, Aviva Premiership, Nov 21, 2020 [38-15 FT]
Worcester Warriors v London Irish at Worcester, Aviva Premiership, Nov 21, 2020 [11-10 FT]
Bath Rugby v Newcastle Falcons at Bath, Aviva Premiership, Nov 21, 2020 [12-19 FT]