Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
GO Edwards SH 20y 206d Wales v Scotland Cardiff 3 Feb 1968 Details
KC Fyfe W 20y 294d Scotland v Wales Cardiff 2 Feb 1935 Details
WG Stewart-Morgan C 21y 38d Wales v Scotland Swansea 2 Feb 1929 Details
GPS Macpherson C 21y 114d Scotland v Wales Swansea 7 Feb 1925 Details
S Lee 3Q 21y 166d Ireland v Wales Llanelli 11 Mar 1893 Details
RA Lloyd FH 21y 216d Ireland v Wales Swansea 8 Mar 1913 Details
R Crabos C 22y 19d France v Wales Cardiff 26 Feb 1921 Details
KD Mullen H 22y 106d Ireland v Wales Swansea 12 Mar 1949 Details
WC Powell SH 22y 131d Wales v France Swansea 26 Feb 1927 Details
JR Evans H 22y 130d Wales v England Cardiff 20 Jan 1934 Details
B Oughtred SH 22y 141d England v Wales Swansea 10 Jan 1903 Details
DM Bain P 22y 150d Scotland v Wales Cardiff 7 Feb 1914 Details
R Saunders SH 22y 195d Ireland v Wales Cardiff 16 Feb 1991 Details
HM Bowcott C 22y 263d Wales v England Cardiff 18 Jan 1930 Details
MC Morrison Fwd 22y 300d Scotland v Wales Swansea 27 Jan 1900 Details
WDC Carling C 23y 96d England v Wales Cardiff 18 Mar 1989 Details
S Wilson FB 23y 106d Scotland v Wales Cardiff 5 Feb 1966 Details
P Cranmer C 23y 127d England v Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1938 Details
SK Warburton F 23y 164d Wales v France Millennium Stadium 17 Mar 2012 Details
NM Hall FH 23y 166d England v Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1949 Details
RG Warren HB 23y 179d Ireland v Wales Swansea 2 Mar 1889 Details
FHR Alderson 3Q 23y 190d England v Wales Newport 3 Jan 1891 Details
JT Taylor C 23y 224d England v Wales Cardiff 5 Jan 1901 Details
WC Jones FH 23y 309d Wales v England Cardiff 15 Jan 1938 Details
RH Thompson L 23y 311d Ireland v Wales Cardiff 12 Mar 1955 Details
GT Neilson Fwd 24y 3d Scotland v Wales Cardiff 25 Jan 1896 Details
AF Hill Fwd 24y 19d Wales v Scotland Cardiff 1 Feb 1890 Details
C Reid Fwd 24y 21d Scotland v Wales Newport 4 Feb 1888 Details
BG O'Driscoll C 24y 60d Ireland v Wales Millennium Stadium 22 Mar 2003 Details
RN Jones SH 24y 71d Wales v France Cardiff 20 Jan 1990 Details
HH Corley HB 24y 114d Ireland v Wales Cardiff 14 Mar 1903 Details
R Harding W 24y 128d Wales v England Cardiff 16 Jan 1926 Details
RAW Sharp FH 24y 132d England v Wales Cardiff 19 Jan 1963 Details
MJ Owen N8 24y 132d Wales v Ireland Millennium Stadium 19 Mar 2005 Details
JA Gould C 24y 143d Wales v Ireland Swansea 2 Mar 1889 Details
CE Allen Fwd 24y 148d Ireland v Wales Swansea 11 Mar 1905 Details
A Rotherham HB 24y 161d England v Wales Llanelli 8 Jan 1887 Details
EG Forrest Fwd 24y 162d Ireland v Wales Cardiff 16 Mar 1895 Details
SM Parisse N8 24y 164d Italy v Wales Millennium Stadium 23 Feb 2008 Details
BC Gadney SH 24y 188d England v Wales Cardiff 20 Jan 1934 Details
JDE Monteith C 24y 217d Ireland v Wales Swansea 29 Mar 1947 Details
CD Aarvold W 24y 223d England v Wales Swansea 16 Jan 1932 Details
JA Bassett FB 24y 240d Wales v Ireland Swansea 8 Mar 1930 Details
C Carrere F 24y 240d France v Wales Cardiff 23 Mar 1968 Details
DCT Rowlands SH 24y 250d Wales v England Cardiff 19 Jan 1963 Details
JAE Siggins N8 24y 255d Ireland v Wales Swansea 10 Mar 1934 Details
AM Magee HB 24y 321d Ireland v Wales Cardiff 18 Mar 1899 Details
R Stevenson Fwd 24y 345d Ireland v Wales Llanelli 7 Mar 1891 Details
WH Thomas Fwd 24y 350d Wales v Ireland Llanelli 7 Mar 1891 Details
GO Llewellyn L 24y 357d Wales v France Cardiff 19 Feb 1994 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wales v France at Millennium Stadium, Six Nations, Mar 17, 2018 [14-13 FT]
Wales v Italy at Millennium Stadium, Six Nations, Mar 11, 2018 [38-14 FT]
Wales v Scotland at Millennium Stadium, Six Nations, Feb 3, 2018 [34-7 FT]