Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
RAR Doviverata N8 27y 131d Fiji Townsville 23 Oct 2003 Details
L Arbizu C 28y 17d Argentina Millennium Stadium 16 Oct 1999 Details
TJ Kingston H 28y 20d Ireland Lansdowne Road 9 Oct 1991 Details
SP Poidevin F 28y 215d Australia Sydney 3 Jun 1987 Details
R Howley SH 28y 361d Wales Millennium Stadium 9 Oct 1999 Details
DMB Sole P 29y 150d Scotland Murrayfield 5 Oct 1991 Details
MR Hall C 29y 226d Wales Bloemfontein 27 May 1995 Details
SM Jones FH 29y 286d Wales Millennium Stadium 20 Sep 2007 Details
TS Dusautoir F 29y 296d France North Shore City 10 Sep 2011 Details
GD Laidlaw SH 29y 346d Scotland Gloucester 23 Sep 2015 Details
SA Mortlock C 30y 111d Australia Lyon 8 Sep 2007 Details
PW Henderson F 30y 256d New Zealand Bloemfontein 4 Jun 1995 Details
PR Lam N8 31y 4d Samoa Wrexham 3 Oct 1999 Details
BS Currin FB 31y 29d Zimbabwe Belfast 14 Oct 1991 Details
ME Harrison W 31y 41d England Sydney 30 May 1987 Details
NJ Popplewell P 31y 55d Ireland Bloemfontein 31 May 1995 Details
MA Williams SH 31y 161d Canada Bordeaux 25 Sep 2007 Details
O Treviranus F 31y 186d Samoa Milton Keynes 3 Oct 2015 Details
P Riordan H 31y 362d Canada Napier 27 Sep 2011 Details
CT Wyles FB 32y 28d USA Gloucester 11 Oct 2015 Details
MN Rauluni SH 32y 77d Fiji Toulouse 12 Sep 2007 Details
BW Redpath SH 32y 102d Scotland Townsville 12 Oct 2003 Details
KF Mealamu H 32y 180d New Zealand Hamilton 16 Sep 2011 Details
AA Lutui H 33y 82d Tonga Whangarei 21 Sep 2011 Details
J de Villiers C 34y 207d South Africa Brighton 19 Sep 2015 Details
F Galthie SH 34y 212d France Townsville 18 Oct 2003 Details
DT Hodges F 35y 42d USA Gosford 27 Oct 2003 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Canada v Japan at Napier, Rugby World Cup, Sep 27, 2011 [23-23 FT]
New Zealand v Japan at Hamilton, Rugby World Cup, Sep 16, 2011 [83-7 FT]
France v Japan at North Shore City, Rugby World Cup, Sep 10, 2011 [47-21 FT]