Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
RG Warren HB 21y 189d Ireland Birkenhead 12 Mar 1887 Details
AJ Forrest Fwd 22y 107d Ireland Lansdowne Road 28 Jan 1882 Details
C Reid Fwd 23y 43d Scotland Edinburgh 26 Feb 1887 Details
DY Cassels Fwd 23y 310d Scotland Edinburgh 8 Jan 1883 Details
A Rotherham HB 24y 161d England Llanelli 8 Jan 1887 Details
CJB Marriott Fwd 24y 171d England Blackheath 2 Jan 1886 Details
L Stokes 3Q 25y 7d England Blackheath 19 Feb 1881 Details
WE Maclagan 3Q 25y 282d Scotland Newport 12 Jan 1884 Details
HJ Neill Fwd 27y 82d Ireland Lansdowne Road 3 Mar 1888 Details
DS Morton Fwd 27y 194d Scotland Edinburgh 2 Feb 1889 Details
ET Gurdon Fwd 28y 325d England Swansea 16 Dec 1882 Details
JB Brown Fwd 29y 228d Scotland Cardiff 9 Jan 1886 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Scotland v Wales at Edinburgh, Home Nations, Feb 2, 1889 [0G-0G FT]
Ireland v Wales at Lansdowne Road, Home Nations, Mar 3, 1888 [2G-0G FT]
Ireland v Wales at Birkenhead, Home Nations, Mar 12, 1887 [0G-1G FT]