/ v Wales

/ Youngest appearance as a captain

Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
RG Warren HB 21y 189d Ireland Birkenhead 12 Mar 1887 Details
AJ Forrest Fwd 22y 107d Ireland Lansdowne Road 28 Jan 1882 Details
C Reid Fwd 23y 43d Scotland Edinburgh 26 Feb 1887 Details
DY Cassels Fwd 23y 310d Scotland Edinburgh 8 Jan 1883 Details
A Rotherham HB 24y 161d England Llanelli 8 Jan 1887 Details
CJB Marriott Fwd 24y 171d England Blackheath 2 Jan 1886 Details
L Stokes 3Q 25y 7d England Blackheath 19 Feb 1881 Details
WE Maclagan 3Q 25y 282d Scotland Newport 12 Jan 1884 Details
HJ Neill Fwd 27y 82d Ireland Lansdowne Road 3 Mar 1888 Details
DS Morton Fwd 27y 194d Scotland Edinburgh 2 Feb 1889 Details
ET Gurdon Fwd 28y 325d England Swansea 16 Dec 1882 Details
JB Brown Fwd 29y 228d Scotland Cardiff 9 Jan 1886 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Scotland v Wales at Edinburgh, Home Nations, Feb 2, 1889 [0G-0G FT]
Ireland v Wales at Lansdowne Road, Home Nations, Mar 3, 1888 [2G-0G FT]
Ireland v Wales at Birkenhead, Home Nations, Mar 12, 1887 [0G-1G FT]