Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
S Lee 3Q 21y 131d Ireland Lansdowne Road 4 Feb 1893 Details
MC Morrison Fwd 21y 343d Scotland Blackheath 11 Mar 1899 Details
AR Smith C 23y 61d Scotland Edinburgh 12 Mar 1898 Details
EG Forrest Fwd 23y 121d Ireland Blackheath 3 Feb 1894 Details
DB Walkington FB 24y 13d Ireland Lansdowne Road 7 Feb 1891 Details
GT Neilson Fwd 24y 52d Scotland Glasgow 14 Mar 1896 Details
RG Warren HB 24y 192d Ireland Blackheath 15 Mar 1890 Details
AM Magee HB 24y 279d Ireland Lansdowne Road 4 Feb 1899 Details
CE Orr HB 25y 105d Scotland Edinburgh 5 Mar 1892 Details
JA Gould C 25y 128d Wales Dewsbury 15 Feb 1890 Details
MC McEwan Fwd 25y 153d Scotland Richmond 7 Mar 1891 Details
JD Boswell Fwd 26y 16d Scotland Leeds 4 Mar 1893 Details
VC le Fanu Fwd 26y 115d Ireland Manchester 6 Feb 1892 Details
W Bancroft FB 27y 31d Wales Blackheath 2 Apr 1898 Details
RG MacMillan Fwd 29y 340d Scotland Richmond 9 Mar 1895 Details
WE Maclagan 3Q 31y 330d Scotland Edinburgh 1 Mar 1890 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Ireland v England at Lansdowne Road, Home Nations, Feb 4, 1899 [6-0 FT]
Wales v England at Swansea, Home Nations, Jan 7, 1899 [26-3 FT]
Scotland v England at Edinburgh, Home Nations, Mar 12, 1898 [3-3 FT]