Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
AF Hill Fwd 24y 19d v Scotland Cardiff 1 Feb 1890 Details
WH Thomas Fwd 24y 322d v Scotland Edinburgh 7 Feb 1891 Details
JA Gould C 25y 128d v England Dewsbury 15 Feb 1890 Details
W Bancroft FB 27y 17d v Ireland Limerick 19 Mar 1898 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wales v Ireland at Cardiff, Home Nations, Mar 18, 1899 [0-3 FT]
Wales v England at Swansea, Home Nations, Jan 7, 1899 [26-3 FT]
Wales v England at Newport, Home Nations, Jan 9, 1897 [11-0 FT]