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Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
G Cunningham HB 21y 340d Scotland Belfast 26 Feb 1910 Details
RW Poulton-Palmer C 24y 155d England Twickenham 14 Feb 1914 Details
M Communeau F 24y 198d France Parc des Princes 28 Mar 1910 Details
FH Turner F 24y 269d Scotland Inverleith 22 Feb 1913 Details
MJP Boyau F 24y 320d France Cork 24 Mar 1913 Details
NA Wodehouse Fwd 25y 266d England Lansdowne Road 8 Feb 1913 Details
JGG Birkett C 26y 46d England Lansdowne Road 11 Feb 1911 Details
EM Milroy SH 26y 86d Scotland Lansdowne Road 28 Feb 1914 Details
AD Stoop FH 26y 322d England Twickenham 12 Feb 1910 Details
JP Jones C 27y 6d Wales Swansea 8 Mar 1913 Details
P Munro FH 27y 139d Scotland Inverleith 25 Feb 1911 Details
RA Gibbs W 27y 309d Wales Lansdowne Road 12 Mar 1910 Details
JC MacCallum Fwd 28y 136d Scotland Lansdowne Road 24 Feb 1912 Details
JA Davies P 28y 190d Wales Belfast 14 Mar 1914 Details
WA Millar Fwd 29y 24d South Africa Lansdowne Road 30 Nov 1912 Details
F Forgues F 29y 32d France Parc des Princes 1 Jan 1914 Details
R Dibble Fwd 29y 87d England Twickenham 10 Feb 1912 Details
J Bancroft FB 32y 152d Wales Belfast 9 Mar 1912 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
England v Ireland at Twickenham, Five Nations, Feb 14, 1914 [17-12 FT]
France v Ireland at Parc des Princes, Five Nations, Jan 1, 1914 [6-8 FT]
Wales v Ireland at Swansea, Five Nations, Mar 8, 1913 [16-13 FT]