Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
WG Stewart-Morgan C 22y 116d Wales Colombes 21 Apr 1930 Details
P Vinci IV FH 22y 148d Italy Roma 22 Apr 1935 Details
CD Aarvold W 23y 303d England Colombes 6 Apr 1931 Details
WN Roughead H 25y 127d Scotland Murrayfield 24 Jan 1931 Details
JA Bassett FB 25y 232d Wales Swansea 28 Feb 1931 Details
GPS Macpherson C 26y 77d Scotland Colombes 1 Jan 1930 Details
GV Stephenson C 28y 34d Ireland Belfast 25 Jan 1930 Details
S Vigliano F 28y 83d Italy Parc des Princes 17 Oct 1937 Details
M Sugden SH 28y 324d Ireland Colombes 1 Jan 1931 Details
JS Tucker H 34y 266d England Twickenham 22 Feb 1930 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Romania v France at Bucharest, FIRA Trophy, May 15, 1938 [8-11 FT]
Germany v France at Frankfurt, Mar 27, 1938 [3-0 FT]
Germany v France at Hanover, Nov 1, 1936 [3-6 FT]