/ v Wales

/ Youngest appearance as a captain

Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
AA Shaw F 25y 80d Australia Brisbane 11 Jun 1978 Details
AL Bucknall F 25y 223d England Cardiff 16 Jan 1971 Details
PD Sullivan F 25y 236d Australia Cardiff 10 Nov 1973 Details
WB Beaumont L 25y 332d England Twickenham 4 Feb 1978 Details
JP Rives F 26y 48d France Parc des Princes 17 Feb 1979 Details
GNK Mourie F 26y 64d New Zealand Cardiff 11 Nov 1978 Details
IA Kirkpatrick F 26y 192d New Zealand Cardiff 2 Dec 1972 Details
C Carrere F 26y 251d France Cardiff 4 Apr 1970 Details
A Neary F 27y 53d England Twickenham 17 Jan 1976 Details
TO Grace W 27y 120d Ireland Lansdowne Road 21 Feb 1976 Details
R Hiller FB 27y 137d England Twickenham 28 Feb 1970 Details
RM Uttley N8 27y 175d England Cardiff 5 Mar 1977 Details
J Fouroux SH 27y 178d France Parc des Princes 18 Jan 1975 Details
G Dumitru N8 27y 248d Romania Cardiff 6 Oct 1979 Details
JNB Hipwell SH 27y 330d Australia Cardiff 20 Dec 1975 Details
FE Cotton P 28y 43d England Cardiff 15 Feb 1975 Details
CMH Gibson C 28y 100d Ireland Cardiff 13 Mar 1971 Details
JJ Moloney SH 28y 189d Ireland Lansdowne Road 4 Mar 1978 Details
P Villepreux FB 28y 264d France Cardiff 25 Mar 1972 Details
JP Bastiat N8 28y 341d France Cardiff 18 Mar 1978 Details
PC Brown N8 29y 52d Scotland Murrayfield 6 Feb 1971 Details
W Spanghero L 29y 93d France Parc des Princes 24 Mar 1973 Details
DJ de Villiers SH 29y 198d South Africa Cardiff 24 Jan 1970 Details
JW Telfer N8 29y 327d Scotland Cardiff 7 Feb 1970 Details
JF Slattery F 29y 356d Ireland Cardiff 3 Feb 1979 Details
IR McGeechan FH 30y 140d Scotland Murrayfield 19 Mar 1977 Details
J McLauchlan P 30y 295d Scotland Murrayfield 3 Feb 1973 Details
DW Morgan SH 30y 346d Scotland Cardiff 18 Feb 1978 Details
TJ Kiernan FB 31y 66d Ireland Lansdowne Road 14 Mar 1970 Details
JV Pullin H 31y 80d England Cardiff 20 Jan 1973 Details
E Cester L 31y 204d France Cardiff 16 Feb 1974 Details
WJ McBride L 32y 277d Ireland Cardiff 10 Mar 1973 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
France v Wales at Parc des Princes, Five Nations, Feb 17, 1979 [14-13 FT]
Scotland v Wales at Murrayfield, Five Nations, Jan 20, 1979 [13-19 FT]
Australia v Wales at Sydney, 2nd Test, Jun 17, 1978 [19-17 FT]