Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
G Zanon F 25y 119d v Zimbabwe Harare 30 Jun 1985 Details
M Mascioletti W 25y 190d v Morocco Casablanca 10 Sep 1983 Details
C Robazza H 26y 61d v Soviet Union Moscow 25 Oct 1981 Details
R Francescato C 26y 143d v Romania L'Aquila 22 Apr 1984 Details
M Innocenti F 27y 67d v Soviet Union Moscow 10 Nov 1985 Details
F Gaetaniello FB 28y 27d v France XV Carcassonne 21 Feb 1982 Details
A Bona P 28y 144d v France XV Clermont-Ferrand 17 Feb 1980 Details
L Francescato C 28y 160d v Cook Islands Avarua 6 Jul 1980 Details
G Rossi P 29y 247d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 31 Dec 1988 Details
S Ghizzoni W 30y 33d v Soviet Union L'Aquila 18 Nov 1984 Details
S Bettarello FH 30y 199d v Soviet Union Treviso 5 Nov 1988 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Italy v Zimbabwe at Treviso, Sep 30, 1989 [33-9 FT]
Italy v Spain at L'Aquila, FIRA Championship D1, Jun 2, 1989 [33-19 FT]
Italy v France XV at Brescia, FIRA Championship D1, Feb 19, 1989 [12-40 FT]