Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
GJ Smith H 22y 342d Fiji Suva 21 Jun 1997 Details
TC Randell N8 24y 332d New Zealand Bristol 3 Oct 1999 Details
RG Jones F 25y 42d Wales Swansea 16 Nov 1997 Details
M Taga P 26y 264d Fiji Suva 8 Jun 1991 Details
PR Lam N8 26y 282d Samoa Nuku A'lofa 8 Jul 1995 Details
S Hirao C 27y 77d Japan Tokyo 8 Apr 1990 Details
Z Mtchedlishvili N8 27y 135d Georgia Nuku A'lofa 6 Mar 1999 Details
PG Saint-Andre W 28y 37d France Pretoria 26 May 1995 Details
JA Eales L 28y 87d Australia Canberra 22 Sep 1998 Details
M Kunda H 28y 143d Japan Tokyo 19 Feb 1995 Details
DJ Lyle N8 28y 229d USA San Francisco 15 May 1999 Details
I Tawake F 28y 263d Fiji Suva 11 Jun 1991 Details
JB Sathiq C 28y 362d Ivory Coast Rustenberg 3 Jun 1995 Details
J Veitayaki P 29y 197d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 27 Jul 1996 Details
MO Johnson L 29y 220d England Twickenham 15 Oct 1999 Details
MP Lynagh FH 29y 252d Australia Brisbane 4 Jul 1993 Details
I Savai L 29y 255d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 24 Mar 1990 Details
F Galthie SH 30y 88d France Nuku A'lofa 16 Jun 1999 Details
IC Evans W 30y 93d Wales Nuku A'lofa 22 Jun 1994 Details
GH Teichmann N8 30y 152d South Africa Cape Town 10 Jun 1997 Details
PM Fatialofa P 30y 350d Samoa Tokyo 11 Apr 1990 Details
K Matsuo FH 31y 36d Japan Nagoya 11 Feb 1995 Details
GL Rees FH 32y 3d Canada Nuku A'lofa 3 Jul 1999 Details
N Vuli P 32y 49d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 25 Jul 1992 Details
M Giovanelli F 32y 223d Italy Leicester 10 Oct 1999 Details
AG Hastings FB 33y 147d Scotland Pretoria 30 May 1995 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
England v Tonga at Twickenham, Rugby World Cup, Oct 15, 1999 [101-10 FT]
Italy v Tonga at Leicester, Rugby World Cup, Oct 10, 1999 [25-28 FT]
New Zealand v Tonga at Bristol, Rugby World Cup, Oct 3, 1999 [45-9 FT]