Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
G Cunningham HB 20y 362d Scotland Richmond 20 Mar 1909 Details
KD Mullen H 21y 80d Ireland Twickenham 14 Feb 1948 Details
T Allan C 21y 98d Australia Twickenham 3 Jan 1948 Details
M Communeau L 21y 116d France Richmond 5 Jan 1907 Details
AJ Forrest Fwd 21y 115d Ireland Manchester 5 Feb 1881 Details
S Lee 3Q 21y 131d Ireland Lansdowne Road 4 Feb 1893 Details
RG Warren HB 21y 154d Ireland Lansdowne Road 5 Feb 1887 Details
GPS Macpherson C 21y 156d Scotland Murrayfield 21 Mar 1925 Details
RA Lloyd FH 21y 188d Ireland Lansdowne Road 8 Feb 1913 Details
FJ Moncreiff Fwd 21y 212d Scotland Edinburgh 27 Mar 1871 Details
AR Foster C 21y 233d Ireland Twickenham 10 Feb 1912 Details
WD Brown FB 21y 270d Scotland The Oval 23 Feb 1874 Details
GO Edwards SH 21y 274d Wales Cardiff 12 Apr 1969 Details
RW Shaw FH 21y 339d Scotland Murrayfield 16 Mar 1935 Details
MC Morrison Fwd 21y 343d Scotland Blackheath 11 Mar 1899 Details
GH Waddell FH 21y 343d Scotland Twickenham 21 Mar 1959 Details
R Crabos C 22y 49d France Colombes 28 Mar 1921 Details
BR Turnbull C 22y 91d Wales Twickenham 15 Jan 1927 Details
JR Evans H 22y 130d Wales Cardiff 20 Jan 1934 Details
S Wilson FB 22y 149d Scotland Twickenham 20 Mar 1965 Details
R Saunders SH 22y 209d Ireland Lansdowne Road 2 Mar 1991 Details
JW Taylor Fwd 22y 221d Ireland Lansdowne Road 6 Feb 1882 Details
HM Bowcott C 22y 263d Wales Cardiff 18 Jan 1930 Details
SK Warburton F 22y 305d Wales Twickenham 6 Aug 2011 Details
JA Bevan 3Q 22y 310d Wales Blackheath 19 Feb 1881 Details
RW Irvine Fwd 22y 322d Scotland The Oval 6 Mar 1876 Details
DY Cassels Fwd 23y 0d Scotland Manchester 4 Mar 1882 Details
WG Rutherford Fwd 23y 20d Ireland Manchester 7 Feb 1885 Details
MK Hooper F 23y 31d Australia Twickenham 29 Nov 2014 Details
GE Lane W 23y 50d France Parc des Princes 22 Mar 1906 Details
C Reid Fwd 23y 50d Scotland Manchester 5 Mar 1887 Details
AR Smith C 23y 61d Scotland Edinburgh 12 Mar 1898 Details
EG Forrest Fwd 23y 121d Ireland Blackheath 3 Feb 1894 Details
P Munro HB 23y 158d Scotland Blackheath 16 Mar 1907 Details
RB Walkington FB 23y 215d Ireland Lansdowne Road 11 Mar 1878 Details
TC Randell N8 23y 227d New Zealand Dunedin 20 Jun 1998 Details
A Cameron C 23y 270d Scotland Twickenham 21 Mar 1953 Details
AS Malan L 23y 273d South Africa Twickenham 7 Jan 1961 Details
WC Jones FH 23y 309d Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1938 Details
AA Mulligan SH 24y 9d Ireland Twickenham 13 Feb 1960 Details
DB Walkington FB 24y 13d Ireland Lansdowne Road 7 Feb 1891 Details
GT Neilson Fwd 24y 52d Scotland Glasgow 14 Mar 1896 Details
BG O'Driscoll C 24y 68d Ireland Lansdowne Road 30 Mar 2003 Details
F Borde C 24y 77d France Twickenham 23 Feb 1924 Details
HH Corley HB 24y 86d Ireland Lansdowne Road 14 Feb 1903 Details
JRC Greenlees Fwd 24y 97d Scotland Richmond 21 Mar 1903 Details
JW Marshall SH 24y 109d New Zealand Manchester 22 Nov 1997 Details
CE Allen Fwd 24y 120d Ireland Cork 11 Feb 1905 Details
R Harding W 24y 128d Wales Cardiff 16 Jan 1926 Details
RN Jones SH 24y 130d Wales Twickenham 17 Feb 1990 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Argentina v England at Tokyo, Rugby World Cup, Oct 5, 2019 [0-0]
Wales v England at Millennium Stadium, 2nd Test, Aug 17, 2019 [0-0]
Wales v England at Millennium Stadium, Six Nations, Feb 23, 2019 [21-13 FT]