Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
F Stokes Fwd 20y 258d v Scotland Edinburgh 27 Mar 1871 Details
J Daniell Fwd 21y 53d v Ireland Richmond 3 Feb 1900 Details
LAN Slocock Fwd 21y 87d v Scotland Inverleith 21 Mar 1908 Details
PD Howard F 22y 56d v Ireland Twickenham 14 Feb 1931 Details
B Oughtred SH 22y 141d v Wales Swansea 10 Jan 1903 Details
WDC Carling C 22y 329d v Australia Twickenham 5 Nov 1988 Details
H Alexander Fwd 23y 5d v Wales Blackheath 11 Jan 1902 Details
JGG Birkett C 23y 22d v Wales Bristol 18 Jan 1908 Details
VH Cartwright Fwd 23y 83d v New Zealand Crystal Palace 2 Dec 1905 Details
P Cranmer C 23y 127d v Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1938 Details
NM Hall FH 23y 166d v Wales Cardiff 15 Jan 1949 Details
JS Spencer C 23y 187d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 13 Feb 1971 Details
FHR Alderson 3Q 23y 190d v Wales Newport 3 Jan 1891 Details
F Mitchell Fwd 23y 214d v Scotland Glasgow 14 Mar 1896 Details
JT Taylor C 23y 224d v Wales Cardiff 5 Jan 1901 Details
CD Aarvold C 23y 287d v Scotland Murrayfield 21 Mar 1931 Details
JP Wilkinson FH 23y 288d v Italy Twickenham 9 Mar 2003 Details
ND Melville SH 23y 302d v Australia Twickenham 3 Nov 1984 Details
L Stokes 3Q 23y 355d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 2 Feb 1880 Details
AL Henniker-Gotley SH 24y 16d v Scotland Twickenham 18 Mar 1911 Details
RW Poulton-Palmer C 24y 127d v Wales Twickenham 17 Jan 1914 Details
RAW Sharp FH 24y 132d v Wales Cardiff 19 Jan 1963 Details
A Rotherham HB 24y 161d v Wales Llanelli 8 Jan 1887 Details
CJB Marriott Fwd 24y 171d v Wales Blackheath 2 Jan 1886 Details
DA Kendrew P 24y 181d v Wales Twickenham 19 Jan 1935 Details
BC Gadney SH 24y 188d v Wales Cardiff 20 Jan 1934 Details
PD Kendall SH 24y 212d v Scotland Richmond 21 Mar 1903 Details
E Kewley Fwd 24y 230d v Ireland The Oval 5 Feb 1877 Details
GT Ford FH 24y 254d v Samoa Twickenham 25 Nov 2017 Details
MP Weston C 24y 277d v New Zealand Auckland 25 May 1963 Details
SMJ Woods Fwd 24y 298d v Ireland Manchester 6 Feb 1892 Details
CW McFadyean C 24y 315d v Wales Twickenham 20 Jan 1968 Details
NA Wodehouse Fwd 24y 326d v France Parc des Princes 8 Apr 1912 Details
EW Taylor HB 25y 25d v Scotland Edinburgh 17 Mar 1894 Details
LBN Dallaglio F 25y 97d v Australia Twickenham 15 Nov 1997 Details
GHD Lyon FB 25y 98d v Australia Blackheath 9 Jan 1909 Details
ASG Hamersley Fwd 25y 138d v Scotland The Oval 23 Feb 1874 Details
TS Kelly P 25y 139d v France Colombes 1 Jan 1908 Details
JM Kendall-Carpenter N8 25y 138d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 10 Feb 1951 Details
J Green Fwd 25y 145d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 9 Feb 1907 Details
MW Marshall Fwd 25y 155d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 11 Mar 1878 Details
AL Bucknall F 25y 223d v Wales Cardiff 16 Jan 1971 Details
MJS Dawson SH 25y 232d v New Zealand Dunedin 20 Jun 1998 Details
CDC Robshaw F 25y 245d v Scotland Murrayfield 4 Feb 2012 Details
AJ Diprose N8 25y 257d v Australia Brisbane 6 Jun 1998 Details
RJ Hill SH 25y 279d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 7 Feb 1987 Details
WW Wakefield F 25y 315d v Wales Swansea 19 Jan 1924 Details
WB Beaumont L 25y 318d v France Parc des Princes 21 Jan 1978 Details
F Luscombe Fwd 26y 20d v Ireland Dublin 13 Dec 1875 Details
RE Lockwood W 26y 56d v Wales Birkenhead 6 Jan 1894 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
England v South Africa at Yokohama, Rugby World Cup Final, Nov 2, 2019 [12-32 FT]
England v New Zealand at Yokohama, Rugby World Cup Semi final, Oct 26, 2019 [19-7 FT]
England v United States of America at Kobe, Rugby World Cup, Sep 26, 2019 [45-7 FT]