Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
M Bortolami L 25y 153d Italy Prato 12 Nov 2005 Details
SV Raiwalui L 25y 261d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 26 May 2000 Details
H Nanba C 25y 322d Japan Kumagaya 26 May 2002 Details
S Sititi F 26y 110d Samoa Nuku A'lofa 24 Jun 2000 Details
R Asano Inose F 26y 252d Japan Fukuoka 4 Jun 2006 Details
GJ Smith H 26y 315d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 25 May 2001 Details
RAR Doviverata N8 27y 20d Fiji Nadi 4 Jul 2003 Details
J Thion L 27y 352d France Toulouse 19 Nov 2005 Details
MMM Hercus FH 28y 99d USA Montpellier 12 Sep 2007 Details
T Masuho W 28y 126d Japan Tokyo 3 Jun 2000 Details
TJ Blackadder L 28y 270d New Zealand North Shore City 16 Jun 2000 Details
RD Thorne F 28y 295d New Zealand Brisbane 24 Oct 2003 Details
MN Rauluni SH 28y 344d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 5 Jun 2004 Details
LS Quinnell N8 29y 89d Wales Millennium Stadium 17 Nov 2001 Details
T Kikutani N8 29y 123d Japan Lautoka 27 Jun 2009 Details
GA Stowers N8 29y 135d Samoa Nuku A'lofa 28 Jun 2008 Details
O Palepoi L 29y 232d Samoa Nuku A'lofa 22 Jul 2005 Details
TJ Smith P 30y 10d Scotland Murrayfield 10 Nov 2001 Details
A Troncon SH 30y 39d Italy Canberra 15 Oct 2003 Details
CL Charvis F 30y 296d Wales Canberra 19 Oct 2003 Details
TL Fanolua C 30y 364d Samoa Apia 2 Jul 2005 Details
RB Skinstad N8 31y 81d South Africa Lens 22 Sep 2007 Details
T Miuchi N8 31y 173d Japan Coffs Harbour 2 Jun 2007 Details
DT Hodges F 31y 296d USA Nuku A'lofa 7 Jul 2000 Details
R Corrigan P 32y 207d Ireland Nuku A'lofa 14 Jun 2003 Details
AJ Charron F 33y 298d Canada Vancouver 20 May 2000 Details
ME Corry F 33y 351d England Parc des Princes 28 Sep 2007 Details
SK Leawere L 34y 69d Fiji Nuku A'lofa 5 Jul 2008 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Portugal v Tonga at Lisbon, Nov 28, 2009 [19-24 FT]
Japan v Tonga at Lautoka, Pacific Nations Cup, Jun 27, 2009 [21-19 FT]
Samoa v Tonga at Lautoka, Pacific Nations Cup, Jun 23, 2009 [27-13 FT]