Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
K Uchida SH 24y 68d v Korea Kanagawa 30 Apr 2016 Details
MG Leitch F 25y 208d v Philippines Silangan 3 May 2014 Details
K Hatakeyama P 25y 278d v Kazakhstan Bangkok 7 May 2011 Details
H Tatekawa C 26y 192d v Canada Vancouver 11 Jun 2016 Details
A Goromaru FB 29y 139d v Canada San Jose 18 Jul 2015 Details
T Kikutani N8 30y 66d v Korea Daegu 1 May 2010 Details
S Horie H 30y 149d v Scotland Aichi 18 Jun 2016 Details
T Hirose W 30y 194d v Kazakhstan Almaty 28 Apr 2012 Details
H Ono L 32y 9d v Kazakhstan Tokyo 15 May 2010 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Japan v Scotland at Tokyo, 2nd Test, Jun 25, 2016 [16-21 FT]
Japan v Scotland at Aichi, 1st Test, Jun 18, 2016 [13-26 FT]
Japan v Hong Kong at Tokyo, Asian 5 Nations - Top 5, May 28, 2016 [59-17 FT]