v Canada

/ Youngest appearance as a captain

Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
G Uva L 22y 319d Portugal Nepean 18 Aug 2007 Details
P O'Mahony N8 23y 271d Ireland Toronto 15 Jun 2013 Details
AC Stoica C 24y 102d Italy Rovigo 11 Nov 2000 Details
M Bortolami L 24y 147d Italy L'Aquila 6 Nov 2004 Details
J Davies FH 24y 222d Wales Invercargill 3 Jun 1987 Details
SV Raiwalui L 24y 249d Fiji Vancouver 15 May 1999 Details
Y Motoki C 24y 287d Japan Tokyo 9 Jun 1996 Details
KS Schubert F 24y 308d USA Tokyo 27 May 2004 Details
C Arboleya Sarazola H 24y 317d Uruguay Glendale 5 Jun 2010 Details
L Arbizu C 24y 358d Argentina Markham 21 Sep 1996 Details
GJ Smith H 25y 87d Fiji Bordeaux 9 Oct 1999 Details
AN Vos N8 25y 153d South Africa East London 10 Jun 2000 Details
TS Clever F 25y 157d USA Chicago 21 Jun 2008 Details
A Bachelet SH 25y 182d USA Markham 9 Sep 1995 Details
M Leitch F 25y 243d Japan Vancouver 7 Jun 2014 Details
JA Eales L 26y 2d Australia Brisbane 29 Jun 1996 Details
DJ Peel SH 26y 9d Wales Nantes 9 Sep 2007 Details
F Viljoen FB 26y 17d USA Twickenham 2 Jun 2007 Details
S Finau C 26y 59d Tonga Nuku A'lofa 3 Jul 1999 Details
S Sititi F 26y 117d Samoa Apia 1 Jul 2000 Details
T Hayashi L 26y 119d Japan Burnaby Lake 7 Jun 1986 Details
DJ Lyle F 26y 224d USA Vancouver 10 May 1997 Details
R Ibanez H 26y 227d France Beziers 2 Oct 1999 Details
V Korshunov H 26y 260d Russia Vancouver 28 Nov 2009 Details
A Pichot SH 26y 277d Argentina Markham 26 May 2001 Details
RD Best H 26y 281d Ireland Vancouver 23 May 2009 Details
WDC Carling C 26y 310d England Wembley 17 Oct 1992 Details
SA Williams L 26y 321d Australia Sydney 15 Jun 1985 Details
MI Acena Colaneri F 27y 12d Spain Madrid 13 Nov 2010 Details
Q Hough F 27y 15d Namibia Toulouse 14 Oct 1999 Details
M Taga P 27y 18d Fiji Bayonne 5 Oct 1991 Details
M Macovei F 27y 18d Romania Bucharest 16 Nov 2013 Details
PG Saint-Andre W 27y 46d France Nepean 4 Jun 1994 Details
GB Smith F 27y 77d Australia Bordeaux 29 Sep 2007 Details
P John SH 27y 175d Wales Markham 19 Jul 1997 Details
MRL Blair SH 27y 216d Scotland Aberdeen 22 Nov 2008 Details
PL Sporleder L 27y 232d Argentina Buenos Aires 22 Aug 1998 Details
RP Jones N8 27y 246d Wales Millennium Stadium 14 Nov 2008 Details
DG Lenihan L 27y 260d Ireland Dunedin 30 May 1987 Details
D Aguirre C 27y 321d Uruguay Edmonton 10 Aug 2002 Details
S Salvat C 27y 339d Argentina Buenos Aires 10 Mar 1995 Details
J Thion L 27y 345d France Nantes 12 Nov 2005 Details
EB Vunipola FH 27y 350d Tonga Vancouver 20 May 2000 Details
S Socol L 27y 354d Romania Bucharest 19 Nov 2005 Details
SB Grimes L 28y 72d Scotland Vancouver 15 Jun 2002 Details
KGM Wood H 28y 142d Ireland Markham 17 Jun 2000 Details
JF Pienaar F 28y 152d South Africa Port Elizabeth 3 Jun 1995 Details
T Masuho W 28y 168d Japan Markham 15 Jul 2000 Details
T Miuchi F 28y 171d Japan Tokyo 30 May 2004 Details
M Sakata H 28y 225d Japan Tokyo 8 Jul 2001 Details

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Records include the following current or recent matches:
Romania v Canada at Bucharest, Nov 22, 2014 [18-9 FT]
United States of America v Canada at Sacramento, IRB Pacific Nations Cup, Jun 21, 2014 [38-35 FT]
Portugal v Canada at Lisbon, Nov 23, 2013 [8-52 FT]