Player Pos Age Ground Date Match
TC Randell N8 24y 353d Murrayfield 24 Oct 1999 Details
AD Oliver H 26y 76d Murrayfield 24 Nov 2001 Details
GNK Mourie F 26y 92d Murrayfield 9 Dec 1978 Details
IA Kirkpatrick F 26y 206d Murrayfield 16 Dec 1972 Details
DE Kirk SH 26y 244d Christchurch 6 Jun 1987 Details
RH McCaw F 26y 266d Murrayfield 23 Sep 2007 Details
BJ Lochore N8 27y 90d Murrayfield 2 Dec 1967 Details
JE Manchester F 27y 298d Murrayfield 23 Nov 1935 Details
WJ Whineray P 28y 192d Murrayfield 18 Jan 1964 Details
TJ Blackadder L 28y 278d Dunedin 24 Jun 2000 Details
SS Wilson W 29y 113d Murrayfield 12 Nov 1983 Details
KF Mealamu H 29y 233d Murrayfield 8 Nov 2008 Details
SBT Fitzpatrick H 30y 169d Murrayfield 20 Nov 1993 Details
AR Leslie N8 30y 216d Auckland 14 Jun 1975 Details
GW Whetton L 31y 319d Cardiff 30 Oct 1991 Details
D Gallaher WF 32y 19d Inverleith 18 Nov 1905 Details
KJ Read N8 32y 23d Murrayfield 18 Nov 2017 Details
JF Umaga C 32y 183d Murrayfield 26 Nov 2005 Details
WT Shelford N8 32y 185d Dunedin 16 Jun 1990 Details
RC Stuart N8 33y 108d Murrayfield 13 Feb 1954 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
New Zealand v Scotland at Auckland, 2nd Test, Jul 1, 2000 [48-14 FT]
New Zealand v Scotland at Dunedin, 1st Test, Jun 24, 2000 [69-20 FT]
New Zealand v Scotland at Auckland, 2nd Test, Jun 22, 1996 [36-12 FT]