Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
JP Ross 3Q 20y 50d v Scotland Edinburgh 20 Feb 1886 Details
RA Lloyd FH 20y 150d v France Parc des Princes 1 Jan 1912 Details
KD Mullen H 21y 80d v England Twickenham 14 Feb 1948 Details
S Lee 3Q 21y 131d v England Lansdowne Road 4 Feb 1893 Details
RG Warren HB 21y 154d v England Lansdowne Road 5 Feb 1887 Details
AR Foster C 21y 233d v England Twickenham 10 Feb 1912 Details
R Saunders SH 22y 181d v France Lansdowne Road 2 Feb 1991 Details
WG Rutherford Fwd 23y 20d v England Manchester 7 Feb 1885 Details
EG Forrest Fwd 23y 121d v England Blackheath 3 Feb 1894 Details
CE Allen Fwd 23y 150d v Wales Belfast 12 Mar 1904 Details
RH Thompson L 23y 262d v France Lansdowne Road 22 Jan 1955 Details
GG Allen HB 23y 342d v Scotland Belfast 19 Feb 1898 Details
AA Mulligan SH 24y 9d v England Twickenham 13 Feb 1960 Details
DB Walkington FB 24y 13d v England Lansdowne Road 7 Feb 1891 Details
TJ Kiernan FB 24y 19d v France Lansdowne Road 26 Jan 1963 Details
BG O'Driscoll C 24y 26d v Scotland Murrayfield 16 Feb 2003 Details
HH Corley HB 24y 86d v England Lansdowne Road 14 Feb 1903 Details
PJ O'Connell L 24y 117d v France Stade de France 14 Feb 2004 Details
JDE Monteith C 24y 182d v Scotland Murrayfield 22 Feb 1947 Details
JKS Thompson F 24y 210d v England Leicester 10 Feb 1923 Details
EO Davy FH 24y 212d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 23 Feb 1929 Details
JAE Siggins N8 24y 227d v England Lansdowne Road 10 Feb 1934 Details
AM Magee HB 24y 279d v England Lansdowne Road 4 Feb 1899 Details
NA Hogan SH 24y 317d v Wales Lansdowne Road 2 Mar 1996 Details
GJ Morgan SH 24y 326d v England Twickenham 13 Feb 1937 Details
R Stevenson Fwd 24y 345d v Wales Llanelli 7 Mar 1891 Details
KGM Wood H 24y 357d v France Lansdowne Road 18 Jan 1997 Details
H Thrift W 25y 46d v England Richmond 8 Feb 1908 Details
T Smyth Fwd 25y 90d v Wales Lansdowne Road 12 Mar 1910 Details
M Johnston HB 25y 109d v England Lansdowne Road 6 Feb 1886 Details
AJ Forrest Fwd 25y 145d v Scotland Edinburgh 7 Mar 1885 Details
RJ McLoughlin P 25y 152d v France Lansdowne Road 23 Jan 1965 Details
CV Rooke Fwd 25y 159d v Scotland Edinburgh 2 Mar 1895 Details
S Walker H 25y 325d v Wales Swansea 12 Mar 1938 Details
GV Stephenson C 26y 37d v France Belfast 28 Jan 1928 Details
G Scriven Fwd 26y 88d v England Manchester 5 Feb 1883 Details
VC le Fanu Fwd 26y 115d v England Manchester 6 Feb 1892 Details
PPA Danaher C 26y 168d v France Parc des Princes 21 Mar 1992 Details
JC Parke C 26y 218d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 29 Feb 1908 Details
E Strathdee SH 26y 220d v France Colombes 1 Jan 1948 Details
WD Doherty F 26y 226d v Scotland Inverleith 28 Feb 1920 Details
AR Dawson H 26y 254d v England Lansdowne Road 14 Feb 1959 Details
GR Beamish N8 26y 290d v England Lansdowne Road 13 Feb 1932 Details
JW Kyle FH 26y 349d v France Belfast 24 Jan 1953 Details
WA Mulcahy L 27y 34d v England Twickenham 10 Feb 1962 Details
HJ Neill Fwd 27y 82d v Wales Lansdowne Road 3 Mar 1888 Details
TO Grace W 27y 120d v Wales Lansdowne Road 21 Feb 1976 Details
DG Lenihan L 27y 148d v England Lansdowne Road 7 Feb 1987 Details
NJ Henderson C 27y 199d v Scotland Lansdowne Road 25 Feb 1956 Details
WP Collopy P 27y 282d v England Lansdowne Road 11 Feb 1922 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Ireland v Italy at Lansdowne Road, Six Nations, Feb 10, 2018 [56-19 FT]
Ireland v England at Lansdowne Road, Six Nations, Mar 18, 2017 [13-9 FT]
Ireland v France at Lansdowne Road, Six Nations, Feb 25, 2017 [19-9 FT]