Player Pos Age Opposition Ground Date Match
KC Fyfe W 20y 294d v Wales Cardiff 2 Feb 1935 Details
G Cunningham HB 20y 362d v England Richmond 20 Mar 1909 Details
GPS Macpherson C 21y 100d v France Inverleith 24 Jan 1925 Details
JMB Scott F 21y 123d v Wales Inverleith 6 Feb 1909 Details
FJ Moncreiff Fwd 21y 212d v England Edinburgh 27 Mar 1871 Details
WD Brown FB 21y 270d v England The Oval 23 Feb 1874 Details
RW Shaw FH 21y 318d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 23 Feb 1935 Details
MC Morrison Fwd 21y 336d v Wales Inverleith 4 Mar 1899 Details
GH Waddell FH 21y 343d v England Twickenham 21 Mar 1959 Details
DM Bain P 22y 150d v Wales Cardiff 7 Feb 1914 Details
S Wilson FB 22y 149d v England Twickenham 20 Mar 1965 Details
A Cameron FH 22y 153d v South Africa Murrayfield 24 Nov 1951 Details
RCS Dick C 22y 190d v Wales Murrayfield 1 Feb 1936 Details
RW Irvine Fwd 22y 322d v England The Oval 6 Mar 1876 Details
JNG Davidson FH 22y 346d v France Murrayfield 9 Jan 1954 Details
DY Cassels Fwd 23y 0d v England Manchester 4 Mar 1882 Details
C Reid Fwd 23y 36d v Ireland Belfast 19 Feb 1887 Details
AR Smith C 23y 40d v Ireland Belfast 19 Feb 1898 Details
P Munro HB 23y 137d v Ireland Inverleith 23 Feb 1907 Details
GPJ Townsend C 23y 197d v Australia Murrayfield 9 Nov 1996 Details
D Drysdale FB 23y 286d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 28 Feb 1925 Details
GS Gilchrist L 23y 315d v Argentina Cordoba 20 Jun 2014 Details
GT Neilson Fwd 24y 3d v Wales Cardiff 25 Jan 1896 Details
R Ainslie Fwd 24y 19d v Ireland Glasgow 18 Feb 1882 Details
AR Smith W 24y 31d v Ireland Murrayfield 23 Feb 1957 Details
JRC Greenlees Fwd 24y 97d v England Richmond 21 Mar 1903 Details
MC McEwan Fwd 24y 140d v Ireland Edinburgh 22 Feb 1890 Details
FH Turner F 24y 178d v South Africa Inverleith 23 Nov 1912 Details
JHS Graham Fwd 24y 309d v Ireland Belfast 19 Feb 1881 Details
WP Scott Fwd 24y 323d v Wales Inverleith 4 Feb 1905 Details
DR Bedell-Sivright Fwd 24y 345d v New Zealand Inverleith 18 Nov 1905 Details
AI Reed L 25y 31d v Argentina Buenos Aires 4 Jun 1994 Details
CE Orr HB 25y 77d v Wales Swansea 6 Feb 1892 Details
WN Roughead H 25y 127d v France Murrayfield 24 Jan 1931 Details
IC Geddes Fwd 25y 256d v England Inverleith 21 Mar 1908 Details
PW Kininmonth N8 25y 268d v England Murrayfield 18 Mar 1950 Details
WE Maclagan 3Q 25y 282d v Wales Newport 12 Jan 1884 Details
CD Paterson FH 25y 321d v Wales Millennium Stadium 14 Feb 2004 Details
SW Hogg FB 25y 357d v USA Houston 16 Jun 2018 Details
LL Greig HB 26y 0d v South Africa Glasgow 17 Nov 1906 Details
JD Boswell Fwd 26y 2d v Ireland Belfast 18 Feb 1893 Details
JT Greenwood N8 26y 37d v France Colombes 8 Jan 1955 Details
HB Pyrgos SH 26y 37d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 15 Aug 2015 Details
EM Milroy SH 26y 86d v Ireland Lansdowne Road 28 Feb 1914 Details
AL Gracie C 26y 97d v France Inverleith 20 Jan 1923 Details
KJF Scotland FB 26y 136d v France Colombes 12 Jan 1963 Details
GM Frew Fwd 26y 149d v Wales Cardiff 5 Feb 1910 Details
JM Bannerman L 26y 156d v Wales Murrayfield 4 Feb 1928 Details
JB Neill P 26y 160d v France Murrayfield 4 Jan 1964 Details
DH Keller F 26y 211d v France Colombes 15 Jan 1949 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Scotland v Wales at Murrayfield, Six Nations, Mar 9, 2019 [11-18 FT]
Scotland v Ireland at Murrayfield, Six Nations, Feb 9, 2019 [13-22 FT]
Scotland v Italy at Murrayfield, Six Nations, Feb 2, 2019 [33-20 FT]