Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
A Sanderson N8 20y 338d Sale Sharks Sale 9 Sep 2000 Details
SW Borthwick L 21y 331d Bath Rugby Northampton 8 Sep 2001 Details
HJ Thacker H 22y 289d Leicester Leicester 3 Dec 2016 Details
JP Wilkinson FH 22y 352d Newcastle Northampton 12 May 2002 Details
CDC Robshaw F 23y 170d Harlequins Northampton 21 Nov 2009 Details
WA Welch F 23y 234d Newcastle Northampton 23 Nov 2013 Details
JE Hart F 23y 237d Wasps Northampton 12 Nov 2005 Details
SJ Hooper L 24y 2d Leeds Leeds 20 Nov 2005 Details
KJ Myall L 24y 143d Leeds Northampton 7 May 2011 Details
TC Savage L 24y 156d Gloucester Gloucester 21 Sep 2013 Details
RJ Fidler L 24y 237d Gloucester Gloucester 16 May 1999 Details
WJ Skinner F 24y 316d Harlequins Northampton 20 Dec 2008 Details
JM Beaumont N8 24y 344d Sale Sharks Salford 3 Mar 2017 Details
TP Palmer L 25y 36d Leeds Leeds 2 May 2004 Details
AJ Diprose N8 25y 47d Saracens Northampton 8 Nov 1997 Details
KG Horstmann F 25y 51d Worcester Worcester 11 Nov 2006 Details
AL Balding N8 25y 95d Gloucester Gloucester 12 Mar 2005 Details
RC Strudwick L 25y 102d London Irish Northampton 13 Nov 1999 Details
BR Youngs SH 25y 106d Leicester Northampton 20 Dec 2014 Details
SD Corkery F 25y 128d Bristol Northampton 14 Mar 1998 Details
ACT Gomarsall SH 25y 133d Bedford Bedford 4 Dec 1999 Details
LBN Dallaglio F 25y 139d Wasps Northampton 27 Dec 1997 Details
WR Green P 25y 170d Wasps Loftus Road 13 Apr 1999 Details
NR Briggs H 25y 171d Sale Sharks Stockport 19 Nov 2010 Details
OJ Robinson F 25y 170d Bristol Northampton 7 Jan 2017 Details
WJS Addison C 25y 195d Sale Sharks Northampton 3 Mar 2018 Details
T Rees F 25y 197d Wasps Northampton 27 Mar 2010 Details
JD Noon C 25y 203d Newcastle Newcastle 28 Nov 2004 Details
KJ Sorrell C 25y 206d Saracens Watford 28 Sep 2002 Details
KGM Wood H 25y 208d Harlequins Northampton 23 Aug 1997 Details
EN Slater L 25y 240d Leicester Northampton 29 Mar 2014 Details
WWF Twelvetrees C 25y 294d Gloucester Northampton 5 Sep 2014 Details
JF Boer F 25y 304d Gloucester Gloucester 1 Sep 2001 Details
JO Launchbury L 25y 362d Wasps Coventry 9 Apr 2017 Details
SJ Yeandle H 26y 10d Exeter Northampton 1 Jan 2016 Details
GL Delve N8 26y 95d Gloucester Northampton 4 Apr 2009 Details
M Bortolami L 26y 103d Gloucester Gloucester 23 Sep 2006 Details
JP Gaskell L 26y 127d Wasps Northampton 24 Sep 2016 Details
MT Symons L 26y 144d London Irish Reading 26 Dec 2015 Details
JE George H 26y 178d Saracens Milton Keynes 16 Apr 2017 Details
LFP Louw N8 26y 192d Bath Rugby Northampton 24 Dec 2011 Details
RW Webber H 26y 206d Bath Rugby Northampton 23 Feb 2013 Details
PJ Vickery P 26y 233d Gloucester Gloucester 2 Nov 2002 Details
A Pichot SH 26y 237d Bristol Bristol 16 Apr 2001 Details
PN Glanville F 26y 249d Gloucester Gloucester 14 Feb 1998 Details
JJ Pendlebury L 26y 254d Leeds Northampton 26 Sep 2009 Details
AD Nicol SH 26y 293d Bath Rugby Bath 30 Dec 1997 Details
JJN Baxendell FH 26y 318d Sale Sharks Sale 17 Oct 1999 Details
MCA Denney C 26y 317d Wasps Northampton 8 Dec 2001 Details
LA Watson N8 26y 326d Bath Rugby Northampton 17 Sep 2010 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Wasps v Northampton Saints at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, Apr 29, 2018 [36-29 FT]
Leicester Tigers v Northampton Saints at Leicester, Aviva Premiership, Apr 14, 2018 [21-27 FT]
Newcastle Falcons v Northampton Saints at Newcastle, Aviva Premiership, Mar 24, 2018 [25-22 FT]