Player Pos Age Team Ground Date Match
JP Gaskell L 20y 115d Sale Sharks Watford 12 Sep 2010 Details
A Sanderson F 20y 157d Sale Sharks Watford 12 Mar 2000 Details
CT Clark F 22y 268d Northampton Watford 4 Mar 2012 Details
JE Hart F 23y 167d Wasps Twickenham 3 Sep 2005 Details
DM Hartley H 23y 172d Northampton Wembley 12 Sep 2009 Details
RW Webber H 23y 204d Wasps Wycombe 21 Feb 2010 Details
WA Welch F 23y 214d Newcastle Barnet 3 Nov 2013 Details
AR Corbisiero P 23y 228d London Irish Reading 14 Apr 2012 Details
CG Kirwan F 23y 274d London Welsh Barnet 20 Dec 2014 Details
SJ Hooper L 23y 297d Leeds Watford 11 Sep 2005 Details
JP Wilkinson FH 23y 344d Newcastle Newcastle 4 May 2003 Details
TC Savage L 24y 2d Gloucester Gloucester 20 Apr 2013 Details
GT Ford FH 24y 10d Bath Rugby Barnet 26 Mar 2017 Details
WJ Skinner F 24y 16d Harlequins Watford 24 Feb 2008 Details
JWG Marler P 24y 67d Harlequins The Stoop 12 Sep 2014 Details
SJ Myler FB 24y 68d Northampton Watford 27 Sep 2008 Details
CDC Robshaw F 24y 184d Harlequins Watford 5 Dec 2010 Details
WJS Addison C 24y 189d Sale Sharks Barnet 25 Feb 2017 Details
T Rees F 24y 199d Wasps Watford 29 Mar 2009 Details
RJ Fidler L 24y 228d Gloucester Watford 7 May 1999 Details
JM Beaumont N8 24y 241d Sale Sharks Salford 20 Nov 2016 Details
RS Beattie N8 24y 290d Bristol Bristol 1 Sep 2002 Details
TR Croft F 24y 330d Leicester Watford 3 Oct 2010 Details
RC Strudwick L 25y 40d London Irish Watford 12 Sep 1999 Details
WWF Twelvetrees C 25y 50d Gloucester Gloucester 4 Jan 2014 Details
KG Horstmann F 25y 66d Worcester Watford 26 Nov 2006 Details
ACT Gomarsall SH 25y 69d Bedford Watford 1 Oct 1999 Details
LBN Dallaglio F 25y 70d Wasps Loftus Road 19 Oct 1997 Details
SW Borthwick L 25y 81d Bath Rugby Bath 1 Jan 2005 Details
AL Balding N8 25y 144d Gloucester Gloucester 30 Apr 2005 Details
TP Palmer L 25y 183d Leeds Watford 26 Sep 2004 Details
BR Youngs SH 25y 218d Leicester Barnet 11 Apr 2015 Details
DR Bowden FH 25y 247d London Irish Watford 4 Dec 2011 Details
A Pichot SH 25y 273d Bristol Watford 21 May 2000 Details
DW Hyde N8 25y 279d Leeds Leeds 12 Oct 2003 Details
DC Fox F 25y 302d Northampton Northampton 18 Nov 2006 Details
JF Boer F 25y 311d Gloucester Watford 8 Sep 2001 Details
KGM Wood H 25y 349d Harlequins Watford 11 Jan 1998 Details
JO Launchbury L 26y 24d Wasps Coventry 6 May 2017 Details
SJ Yeandle H 26y 47d Exeter Exeter 7 Feb 2016 Details
HD Vyvyan L 26y 77d Newcastle Watford 24 Nov 2002 Details
MJS Dawson SH 26y 98d Northampton Northampton 6 Feb 1999 Details
JA Gopperth FH 26y 97d Newcastle Newcastle 4 Oct 2009 Details
RS Hunter F 26y 126d London Scot The Stoop 26 Sep 1998 Details
PN Glanville F 26y 138d Gloucester Watford 26 Oct 1997 Details
PDA Dowson N8 26y 139d Newcastle Newcastle 17 Feb 2008 Details
M Bortolami L 26y 145d Gloucester Gloucester 4 Nov 2006 Details
LFP Louw F 26y 207d Bath Rugby Watford 8 Jan 2012 Details
MCA Denney C 26y 220d Wasps Loftus Road 2 Sep 2001 Details
CJ Pennell FB 26y 246d Worcester Worcester 28 Dec 2013 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Exeter Chiefs v Saracens at Exeter, Aviva Premiership, Mar 4, 2018 [24-12 FT]
Sale Sharks v Saracens at Salford, Aviva Premiership, Feb 16, 2018 [3-13 FT]
Wasps v Saracens at Coventry, Aviva Premiership, Jan 7, 2018 [15-38 FT]