Player Pos Age Team Opposition Ground Date Match
M Sharikadze C 21y 32d Georgia v Argentina A Tbilisi 18 Jun 2014 Details
TJ Ardron N8 22y 146d Canada v Georgia Tbilisi 9 Nov 2013 Details
VNBS Uva F 23y 86d Portugal v Georgia Tbilisi 11 Mar 2006 Details
B Gorgadze N8 24y 14d Georgia v Belgium Kutaisi 22 Feb 2020 Details
G Tkhilaishvili F 24y 325d Georgia v Spain Tbilisi 27 Feb 2016 Details
VN Ursache L 25y 94d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 12 Mar 2011 Details
ME Heredia Federico C 25y 148d Spain v Georgia Tbilisi 12 Feb 2011 Details
SS Burcea F 25y 158d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 14 Mar 2009 Details
J Magunazelaia Pinaga F 25y 243d Spain v Georgia Tbilisi 9 Mar 2013 Details
I Zedginidze F 25y 266d Georgia v Russia Tbilisi 13 Oct 2002 Details
Z Mtchedlishvili L 25y 355d Georgia v Croatia Tbilisi 12 Oct 1997 Details
A Avalo H 26y 284d Uruguay v South Africa President's XV Tbilisi 7 Jun 2013 Details
LL Leivas Ballestrino W 26y 346d Uruguay v Emerging Ireland Tbilisi 17 Jun 2015 Details
H Tatekawa C 26y 346d Japan v Georgia Tbilisi 12 Nov 2016 Details
D Kacharava C 27y 40d Georgia v Portugal Tbilisi 25 Feb 2012 Details
S Socol L 27y 102d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 12 Mar 2005 Details
D Zirakashvili P 27y 118d Georgia v Ukraine Tbilisi 5 Feb 2011 Details
M Macovei F 27y 137d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 15 Mar 2014 Details
GNBS Uva L 27y 145d Portugal v Georgia Tbilisi 25 Feb 2012 Details
TS Clever N8 27y 315d USA v Georgia Tbilisi 27 Nov 2010 Details
S Takulua SH 27y 317d Tonga v Georgia Tbilisi 24 Nov 2018 Details
L Tsabadze P 28y 41d Georgia v Portugal Tbilisi 18 Feb 2001 Details
B Khamashuridze W 28y 90d Georgia v Chile Tbilisi 12 Nov 2005 Details
I Criado Garachana N8 28y 120d Spain v Georgia Tbilisi 26 Apr 2008 Details
LE Pissarra SH 28y 132d Portugal v Georgia Tbilisi 14 Feb 2004 Details
JCGO Correia H 28y 167d Portugal v Georgia Tbilisi 2 Feb 2008 Details
M Gungor SH 28y 298d Germany v Georgia Tbilisi 6 Feb 2010 Details
S McInally H 29y 22d Scotland v Georgia Tbilisi 31 Aug 2019 Details
M Nariashvili P 29y 98d Georgia v Scotland Tbilisi 31 Aug 2019 Details
RS Gontineac C 29y 102d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 30 Mar 2003 Details
K Hatakeyama P 29y 113d Japan v Georgia Tbilisi 23 Nov 2014 Details
M Gorgodze F 29y 125d Georgia v USA Rustavi 16 Nov 2013 Details
CS Draguceanu N8 29y 135d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 2 Apr 2000 Details
A Ianyushkin SH 29y 139d Russia v Georgia Tbilisi 17 Mar 2012 Details
V Artemyev C 29y 231d Russia v Georgia Tbilisi 12 Mar 2017 Details
BH Scully FB 29y 269d USA v Georgia Tbilisi 25 Nov 2017 Details
L Fernandez-Aramburu Rdgez L 29y 341d Spain v Georgia Tbilisi 27 Feb 2010 Details
I Abuseridze SH 30y 69d Georgia v Portugal Tbilisi 2 Feb 2008 Details
S Armstrong SH 30y 97d Germany v Georgia Rustavi 19 Feb 2017 Details
C Mersoiu N8 30y 102d Romania v Georgia Tbilisi 9 Feb 2008 Details
S Sutiashvili F 30y 141d Georgia v Spain Tbilisi 14 Jun 2014 Details
JPHJ Schumacher L 30y 235d Netherlands v Georgia Tbilisi 3 Feb 2002 Details
S Vilaseca Hontou L 30y 269d Uruguay v Georgia Tbilisi 13 Jun 2015 Details
S Horie H 30y 296d Japan v Georgia Tbilisi 12 Nov 2016 Details
P Jimsheladze FB 30y 331d Georgia v Barbarians Tbilisi 4 Jun 2006 Details
JT Lam F 30y 364d Samoa v Georgia Tbilisi 17 Nov 2018 Details
T Hirose W 31y 31d Japan v Georgia Tbilisi 17 Nov 2012 Details
JM Nava de Olano N8 31y 44d Spain v Georgia Tbilisi 14 Jun 2014 Details
P Riordan H 31y 51d Canada v Georgia Tbilisi 20 Nov 2010 Details
N Klappenbach Zucchi H 31y 78d Uruguay v Georgia Tbilisi 11 Jun 2013 Details

Only the player's first appearance listed

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Georgia v Belgium at Kutaisi, Six Nations B, Feb 22, 2020 [78-6 FT]
Georgia v Romania at Tbilisi, Six Nations B, Feb 1, 2020 [41-13 FT]
Georgia v Scotland at Tbilisi, 1st Test, Aug 31, 2019 [10-44 FT]